Monday 2 April 2018

BOM 2018: Morning Glory: How I made the Star Block

You've already seen my set aside Star Block of a few days ago, here's how I made it:
 These are my cut pieces for one block
 I marked my seam allowance with a dot so I would know when to stop, and then stitched. Do the same on all 4 x pairs.
 This is two halves of the block. Each consists of two units. 
Make sure all the seams go in one direction. 
That way, when you join the centre, the centre will butt together. 
 Joining in the middle 
 You can see that my seams are all turned smoothly in an anti clockwise direction. You can go clockwise too, what matters is that you keep it consistent. After sewing the middle together, I open the very middle seams that were bunched to lay them down flatter. 
 This is the front. I added the triangles at this stage
 You can see from this seam that I started from the centre and sewed down on each side. 
It's a Y seam. 
 Lastly, I added the squares 
 And again, I stitched from my my pre marked dot down. Then turn and repeat on the other side. 
 At this point I turn
 And stitch from the other side down 
 And this is the other side. Again, you can see my pen dot mark.
 Fully stitched
 This is how I pressed my star block from the back
And the front. 

As I showed in my previous star block post, I check all my blocks  against my 5.5 inch square. 
They always measure 5.5 inches because I keep my seam allowances at a quarter of an inch. 

Some people do a fat quarter or skinny quarter seam allowance. I always prefer a thread thickness less than a quarter. That way, when you turn the seam over, that thread width difference always creates the perfect quarter inch seam. I suggest you test on a scrap of fabric or make a sample block to work out your best seam allowance width for you own hand. There's nothing worse than having a Le Moyne star block that is too small. Neat, accurate seams ensure that this won't happen to you. 

Morning Glory is my current paid BOM. It's an applique and pieced quilt. 

You can start this BOM today! 

Simply click the quilt image to learn more.


  1. Thank you for an excellent process post.

  2. One suggestion that might help is to baste the center when you join the star halves. That way you can check if they butt correctly before actually sewing the final seam.


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