Monday 27 November 2017

Secret Garden: Leaf Stitch Details

Secret Garden is so saturated with detail 
that I knew my leaves needed a special touch to complete them
 And I wanted the look of embroidered veins without all the handwork, so I used my sewing machine to do all the work for me. Ii used AURIFIL in the 12 weight, this is a thicker thread and perfect for this kind of work. This is my Victoria Findlay Wolfe pack, as you can see I haven't even used most of the spools yet.
I used the gorgeous gold colour
I loaded the 12 weight thread into my machine bobbin. Now, when you purchase a sewing machine, always ask for the extra bobbin which takes thicker threads. You do not use the regular bobbin or your thread loading might jam.
 This is what my thicker bobbin looks like. 

My machine is a 35 year old Toyota straight stitching only machine. No fancy business here! 
It's all metal parts and this is why it does so well. I'm currently 'in between' sewing machines at the moment. The problem is that I grew up during an era when sewing machines were made to last a lifetime and metal parts were the norm. Today, many machines demand high prices for plastic parts and lacklustre warranties. It's really left me between a rock and a hard place. 

People assume I have a selection of the latest sewing machines at my fingertips. But this is not the case and frankly, isn't necessary. You can sew and quilt on pretty much any machine you have. I quilted all my award winning domestic machine quilted quilts on a 1950's Elna. So don't let what you think are limitations with your machine stop you from thinking creatively about your quilting potential.
I mention all this to let you know that you could also use the Aurifil 12 weight normally as your top thread as well with an ordinary bobbin. But if you did this, you would need to play around with the stitch tension of the machine. And I didn't want to do that.

I used the 12 weight thread in the extra large bobbin and used regular thread in the top spool. I adjusted my stitches to a large size 4 stitch and let the bobbin do the work.
Then I simply stitched over marked lines on my fusible
 I stitched them down on my machine using AURIFIL thread and lots of patience..
 I simply stitched over my fusible papers
 Like so
 to create my stitched in leaf veins
 And then continued with the usual turn edging process
Using Elmer's glue and a manicure stick 

I just love the finished result.. another lovely detail in a design that oozes lovely details


  1. now that is what I call dedication and patience !!!!!!! Wat kind of sewing macine are you using Esther it looks like a featerweight singer? Cheers Glenda

  2. Esther i was wondering what thread you used for leaves. It looks great

  3. I mean the size? Couldnt read the picture

  4. I love that detail so much!!!

  5. Beautiful work & thank you for posting such clear, close-up pics. From the backside the leaves look like the stitching is a single line for each vein of the leaf. BUT from the front some of it looks like it may be a double line of thread that's stitched. Would you clear that up for me? Thanks.

  6. Such nice results! Love it!

  7. I thought for sure that was all hand stitching!! Thanks for sharing. I love the lighter weight Aurifil thread for piecing. Now I'll need to look for the 12 weight as well. MORE thread to buy!! :-)

  8. Beautiful and informative post :-)


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