Sunday, 19 November 2017

BOM 2018: Introducing 'Love Always' (2 of 3)

'Love Always' is inspired by the ever intriguing Love Entwined 1790 Marriage Coverlet and is an entirely new quilt hopelessly devoted to re-imagining the original in an updated but still breathlessly beautiful design. This is quilt for applique enthusiasts and lovers of fine detail and heirloom quilts. Finished size is 88 x 88 inches.

Although completely new, this original design is, in my own mind, a sister quilt to Love Entwined. They belong to the same family of romantic florals, bows and beauty. I always knew when I released Love Entwined out into the world, that the design story wasn't over for me. I wanted to go back to the evocative style of the coverlet and create something new.

I'm still thinking up colourways for Love Always and will update and show off a few more ideas before today is over. But my first colour was is highly symbolic for me. It's in red and white, just like my first ever BOM 'Red Delicious' was and it feels like a nice tie in to present Love Always in that way. As you know, 2018 is all about celebrating my 10 years of blogging and BOMs, so having Love Always nod to Red Delicious in this way feels so right.

If you've signed up to my BOM 2018, Love Always will be available to you, just like Morning Glory (revealed yesterday) is and just like Daisy Blue (revealed tomorrow) will be. There'll also be extra bonus quilts on offer to make 2018 my biggest ever quilt-a-thon year!

Make your 2018 the most creative yet, join my BOM 2018 now to secure your Early Bird Discount (expires Thanksgiving). You can pay in full once or in monthly installments. Simply click the early bird to learn more and sign up. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow when I'll release the sketch for 'Daisy Blue' (3 of 3)


  1. Oh how gorgeous! I can't decide I like best - maybe all. Thank you, Esther.

  2. Sew excited for you :-) 10 years is an awesome milestone.
    It really is a privilege to participate in the 2018 BOMs.


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