Monday, 12 December 2016

Sweet 2016, Part 11: The Last Mini Dome Cake!

This month it’s time to bake the last of the mini dome cakes, and this one is finished with a decorative stripe detail. Whether it be a vanilla cream, a salted caramel or a chocolate swirl cake, it’s topped off with a gumpaste rose and petals. 
If the stripes are too challenging to applique, consider using thin ribbon or thread to indicate the lines. I had planned on a bold white background with red stripe cake (like a candy cane) but fell in love with a decorative ribbon and brown fabric combination which moved my cake into a chocolate caramel zone—so go with what you love. 
This month is also a good time to make a final decision regarding the scalloped fringes on your trays. I’ve been going back and froth throughout the BOM, regarding whether to fringe some, a mix or all. I’ve finally decided to fringe all the mini dome cakes and I’m still deciding on the larger domes (the scallops remain the same size). You could of course also choose to add ribbon detailing or lace. 
These final details might be influenced by your background fabric and I will make my final choices when I add my cakes to the final print background I’ve selected. Depending on the overall look, I may need to add contrasting lines to the bottom trays to stand out from the background print. I’ll decide when I have it all pinned down.

 Just 1  more block to go!

'Sweet 2016' is my current Mystery Applique BOM
It's just $3.95 per month
Delivered digitally, to your email inbox each month

Understanding the pattern release schedule: anyone can join Sweet 2016 at any time and when they do, they will receive a new block each month from that point onward. The day they receive each new block will depend on the date they signed up and made their first payment. Everyone who starts Sweet 2016, starts at the beginning, Part 1. Specific blocks cannot be purchased out of turn. 

Whenever you choose to start this BOM, be sure to keep us updated on your progress by sharing your work over in our Sweet 2016 BOM Facebook Group, see you there!

***Original starters (those who joined the BOM in or prior to February 14th 2016 will receive both Parts 11 AND 12 this month to wrap up the BOM on schedule.**

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