Wednesday 30 November 2016

WOW: Head All In A Spin for 2017

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
I've been somewhat quiet this last week - I'm all in a head spin for 2017! 

First up, I'm all excited about my new BOMs being released in the new year. My only problem is, I have 5 designs to choose from and I'm really struggling to narrow it down and commit. If you read my blog, you'll know that I have commitment issues when it comes to quilt related projects and fabrics. I'm really trying to decide which pattern is the right one for 2017 but each time I decide...I end up changing my mind! It sounds like a good problem to have, but it simply ends up frustrating my attempts to be organised.

And then there's the issue of fabrics. Oh boy, don't talk to me about fabrics. Why is it so hard to choose? I find a gorgeous palette but then I think the tones are wrong or it's missing a vital then I have to match it to another range that does have reds but now the greens are all out of balance. I'm exhausted just typing it. Take for example, my background for Sweet 2016, which on last count had 7 very possible and completely gorgeous background options. I loved each version and that's the problem. Today, I've actually cut into this fabric, which last time I reported on it was just being draped for style. Now, I think, that's it- it's cut and it's my official background. I've committed myself and can move onto the next project. Hopefully.

What's Your WOW?


  1. Esther I think the light yellow background with the plates are the perfect background for your cakes, like setting out a table for high tea. It will be beautiful!

  2. As usual, I am in a headspin over trying to complete Christmas gifts and pushing the wire.

  3. I LOVE that fabric ... do you know the name or where it is from? love, love, love


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