Saturday 25 June 2016

New Patterns: Goldi & Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses (finished size:66 x 66 inches)

So many patterns, so little time. When will I find the time to squeeze in this romantic beauty? Oh, I don't know but I have a feeling I will - somehow. I simply have to - those rose heads are calling me and I have no excuses because this quilt simplifies all those fabric indecisions - you only need to pick 4 fabrics and your quilt to ready to make.

I love limited colour schemes at the moment, they sooth my quilting conscience because they allow me to actually start without buying any additional prints!

I designed a series of quilts on this layout and in this size and have been lucky enough to see them made in real life by friends who were after 'quicker' wedding quilts to give as gifts and these two really satisfy without being overly committal time wise but still having every inch of charm and handmade beauty that you expect from treasured pieces.

I am madly in love with the white background because it would suit my current living room as a throw where I take my tea in the afternoons - and I love that white brightness against the wood and leather of my room -it brightens the room and matches my teacups- in fact I can already imagine it looking like an extension of my tea service, and I just love that idea so much that I can't pass it up. But, you know me - I did play. And look what happened when I made it in gold and browns. How warm and cozy does this look??
Goldi was designed to show off my gorgeous gold fabrics - which have been stacking up but difficult to work into other designs, so this one's all about the golds and warms browns with some splashes of red and pink to make the whole thing shimmer.
Goldi (finished size:66 x 66 inches)

The flowers in Goldi have a more naive feel and I love them all the more for it - they're large enough to show off those lovely print fabrics you're hesitant about cutting into. Is it just me, or are there some fabulous fabrics that just don't work once you've started cutting into them? I had that scenario on my own design board a few weeks ago and it encouraged me to make bigger designs, spatially, to give those types of fabrics a chance to breathe. These flower heads allow you to see glimpses of those gorgeous fabrics without the fabrics completely taking over the design. I think it's a difficult balance sometimes and Goldi strikes just the right chord with my eye.

For me, gold is the only way to go with Goldi, but I bet you're still as curious as I was to wonder what it would look like in lights? Like this:
I'm so happy to be releasing two new pattern today, it's always a special feeling to throw open my design folio and share my work with other quilters. To celebrate the release of Goldi and Bed of Roses, I'm offering both patterns for just $4.80 (USD) for 48 hours only. After that, they'll go into my online shop for $19.95.


  1. WOW! Just - WOW! Love them both! Decisions, decisions - start Bed of Roses, or work on LE or Hazel??? They're all so different - and enjoyable on different levels. One can never have too many quilts going at once, right?

  2. A lovely pattern, Esther. I can also see it with broderie perse.

  3. I don't usually like brown and golds together, actually not fond of browns at all, but my, it does work here, it is stunning! Beautiful pattern :-)

  4. love these patterns - I went for Goldi as there are less tight curves !!!


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