Friday 17 June 2016

LE: Month by Month: Part 4

After all the preparation and fabric decisions of Parts 1-3, I couldn't wait to start the vases - and they were a real delight to make. You have the choice of finding the right fabric for your vase, then whether of not you'd like to embroider or applique your stems. Lastly, is the pleasure of the flowers themselves. Will your central lily be a white one? Or perhaps a pink or yellow one? Maybe you'll change the flowers completely? Finally in Part 4, you can play and create and even shape the design to bend to your own floral tastes - if that's what suits you.

I had a lot of fun auditioning fabrics for my vase and seriously considered fussy cutting huge rose printed blooms before sticking with the pattern and using printed fabrics to create texture rather than replace the actual applique pieces.

In the archive below, you'll find details of my embroidery stitch choice, how I auditioned my vase fabric and how I created my pieces. It's also time to consider what method you'll use to create your berries. There were some ingenious suggestions at the time - from using washers, to balls of wadding, to using a hole on plastic and creating stitched 'balls'. Whichever you opt for, it's going to be extraordinary, with LE, everything always is - the quilt simply demands it!

Love Entwined is an extraordinary historic quilt pattern with it's own dedicated Group over on Facebook. You can purchase the pattern outright, or sign up to a monthly subscription that delivers a 'Part' to your email in-box each month for just $9.95. If you're interested in this once in a lifetime heirloom quilt, there's never been a better time to start. We've gone before you and have the blog posts, pics and experience to show you how we did it. Also, with an encouraging online group making LE themselves, there's always someone to connect with and chat to about this quilt.

What's stopping you?


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