Wednesday 18 May 2016

WOW: Playing With Colour

WOW= WIPs On Wednesdays
Thank goodness for the Quilt BOM Group - whenever I need some inspiration, I just pop in and take a look at what everyone's up to. A lot, usually! That's the advantage of having over 3000 members, there's always someone doing something wonderful. Today I'm playing around with a quilt top that's been on my WIP chair since last year. The pattern is complete, but I just can't commit to a single colour scheme so I keep playing and changing my mind.

Today I've decided to let the Jinny Beyer Portable Palette lead the way and am relieved to announce that my current scheme is correct, visually, and I can move on to the next block. Sometimes I look at fabric too long and then get stuck when there's no need. I suffer from a serious case of fabric indecision. I rarely decide on a fabric - it's more the case that I simply decide to stop auditioning new ones for the same spot!

What's Your WOW?


  1. Your process obviously works well, though, as your final colour schemes are always gorgeous! Sounds like you are having fun!

  2. I feel that way about patterns some times. I have a hard time deciding on one. Your fabric choices look great. Looking forward to seeing more of this project.

  3. I like linking up and then going over and getting inspiration and motivation seeing what others are working on.


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