Monday 13 April 2015

Worst. Flu. Ever.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post about Delft. They still haven't apologized or credited me and I'm somewhat annoyed about it. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, I'm the first to accept that to err is human. But now that they know and have been advised - and have chosen not to rectify their error - its a very poor standard of business values to simply ignore this matter, which is precisely what they are doing.

Yes, there are things I could do about it. But I'm not going to. I'm not an argumentative person and its not worth my time to pursue this from the other side of the world.They aren't financially benefiting from the image, they're just being plain rude. And its so easy for them to rectify. And yet they haven't. It's disappointing.

Since Easter I've been battling the Worst Flu Ever. Its hit me hard and I've been spending all my time trying to recover myself for my upcoming classes at AQC in a few days time. I think its so disappointing to find that your class is being run by a substitute (even when it can't be helped) so I went to the doctor on Easter Monday to take serious action to get me back on my feet. Usually I'm the kind of person to let things run their course, but this time that wasn't possible. Two rounds of antibiotics, an injection and a 2 weeks in bed and I'm only now starting to feel human again.

I always feel that when you're sick, everything goes wrong. And in my experience it does! My pattern booklets for my workshops were printed wrongly and had to be sent back. Then the pattern sheets I'd spent months organizing were printed at the wrong size. Printers just don't understand that an extra few centimeters change an entire pattern, making it unusable. What a hassle. What this means is that I'm going to have to do it all myself and at the last minute, even though I had planned so that this wouldn't happen. It takes a lot of planning to run a workshop and its just been bad timing that I got so sick right when everything was coming together.

Unpacked and all wrong. :(
Here's what my dining table looks like.
And there are my tea towels, off the line and waiting to be ironed. 
A woman's work is never done..


  1. hope you get to feeling better soon - I think the towels can go un-ironed this once don't you?

  2. Oh, poor Esther, do hope you soon get over this nasty flu - it does make you feel bad and sorry for yourself, doesn't it. Sending you some cyber hugs from Kiwi-land.

  3. I agree with Karen, the towels have low priority this week. Hope you feel a lot better today and your copying goes well so you can have everything organized for your workshop.

  4. Quilters love to quilt and they try so hard to do things well organized and perfect.........It is the idiots that provide services that really mess with our organization skills! I certainly hope that you can make your Class and that you begin to feel your 100%. It is the pits to be down. Hopefully things will get better - that is what everyone tells me.... LOL (it usually doesn't - good things come in three's and then bad things come in three's.

  5. You are too sick to iron so leave them as they are! I never iron mine and I can tell you that they dry dishes just fine!

    How frustrating it must be to have all of the printing done wrong. I hope that you won't be charged for their error!

  6. Dear Esther, I was so sorry to read that the flu has stayed with you so long and two horrible mistakes like that when you thought you and it all wrapped up. I have my fingers crossed that the next few days are all positive and you are we'll enough to make it to your classes. I know if you make it you will be OK till it is over. I'm sending lots of endless positive vibes your way. Cheers Glenda

  7. Oh Esther I feel your pain. I just went through this on a smaller level. I had my third or fourth cold of the winter, and had to prepare two new workshops and get ready for a lecture. It felt like I couldn't think straight but like yours it went well. We soldier on because that's who we are. And I just know all your students had no idea the angst that proceeded the class but you're right. Once things start to go wrong, it all goes wrong!! Good for you to rally. I don't know what to do about the whole Delft thing... an American artists here sued the convention center for using her design on a rug and won. I understand totally not wanting to take them to court. Life is so short. LeeAnna at not afraid of color


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