Monday 9 February 2015

Lily Rose: Embellishing the Rose Buds

I've decided to dedicate another day to embellishing the bouquet with simple stitchery. In this case, I'm focusing in on the rosebuds to give them some dimension as I felt they were a bit flat.
 I'm simply highlighting areas in complimentary DMC threads and basic gobelin or straight stitch
 I think outlining has the biggest impact
It's a bit wrinkly, so I'm going to make a tiny snip behind the fabric and lightly stuff a tiny amount of batting behind the rose applique fabric to puff it out. At this stage I should mention that I have already sewn down my bouquet to the background fabric. It is in position.
I have lightly stuffed my pink flower centre in the same way, I think that little bit of dimension makes a real difference.
Love the puff :) 
 I'm looking forward to hanging Lily Rose and enjoying it every day
 these details just increase the pleasure 


  1. it's beautiful - do you use a straight stitch and a buttonhole stitch with your sewing machine for the applique - it looked like two different stitches to me.

  2. WOW what a difference a puff makes LOL. Yes I do like a little padding here and there to Esther. Love how the rose bud came up and the centre of the pink flower is stunning. Glenda

  3. love your bouquet!
    I too am interested in what stitches you use for the applique on your machine, there looks like a few different ones used?

    1. Mostly i am using 1329 Blanket stitch, straight stitch and for flowers i ve used1332 Feather stitch

  4. Love how you added some puff to the yellow center looks gorgeous.

  5. Lovely - that trapunto look makes it pop. So love to watch this develop. Thanks for sharing, Esther!

  6. Just beautiful Esther! This is coming along so nicely.

  7. Un grand merci pour des tutorial trés intêressant qui mon beaucoup appris!
    Trés bien expliqués,je suis ravie d'avoir trouvé une aide pour mes appliqués.
    J'ai également eu beaucoup de joie a admirer de si beaux travaux.
    De France amicalement

  8. Also what thread are u using on your machine? This is beautiful. I have down load the pattern. One day? Esther u make such beautiful patterns.

  9. I am using Alcazar7764 viscose rayon 120 thread from embroidery place.
    My favorite isMG 3 metalic thread but my 820 refused to cooperate.

  10. I LOVE, it's so beautiful , so nice !!! Your work is perfect. kiss

  11. You have so lovely quilts! Great colours! I start to follow your blog!


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