Monday 16 February 2015

Oma's Blues: Template C

In Oma's Blues, you have the option of creating charm plates with a ring within them (you could of course simply stitch down a fabric that you love, without applique, depending on the look you're after). With the charm plates themselves, this inner ring is quickly and easily appliqued with fusible.

This is a real time video guide for beginners. This is how I do it and the technique is the same regardless of the template or pattern or design I am following:


  1. Thank you for that tutorial Esther. I'm a starch and press girl, but have wash away fusible is on my shopping list, will definitely try working Esther's Way!

  2. A wonderful tutorial, Esther! Thank you!
    I so look forward to making this!

  3. A super tutorial. Thank you Esther.


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