Wednesday 21 January 2015

WOW: Lily Rose Patchy Border

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

I'm having one of those weeks. My copier has died with a tricky CE40 error code and being the one tool I most rely on, its totally thrown out my schedule for January. I'm really unhappy about it, however there's nothing I can do so I've decided to take my frustrations out with some repetitive sewing, that way something good will come from my January set back. Having three patterns sitting on my copier desk ready for scanning in just makes it worse. What else can I do but sew? I'm going to make the most of my computer downtime by getting behind my sewing machine. Seeing that I need to finish Lily Rose ASAP, it might even be auspicious. At least that's how I've decided to think about this pause to my BOMs progress and hopefully, if nothing else, I'll have Lily Rose up to date and perhaps even finished before February. 
Apart from two greens meeting up (how did that happen?) I'm really pleased with the balance of patchy fabrics making up my Lily Rose HSTs. Who would have thought such a simple border would cause me so much time and (over) thinking? The good news is that I really love this effect, it's so complimentary to the centre design. And now I can re-focus on my applique bouquet in the centre. 

What's Your WOW ?


  1. computer problems and printers are so hard to deal with at times. Have fun with your sewing

  2. Did you search your error code on the net. Some times you can find a fix. Love your quilt. Colours look great.

    1. Yes, its some kind of colour saturation issue - something only a mechanic can fix, although our usual repairman is on holidays so its been a hassle.

  3. Hi Esther, I'm having printer problems too! :-( Just when I was ready to begin printing quilt labels. I found a Youtube video to help fix the problem. I hope I can do it myself. I really don't want to buy another printer. The border is looking great!

  4. I love your HST border. I wouldn't have noticed the 2 greens together if you hadn't mentioned it, but I do that all the time....and also wonder how!

  5. I would not have expected to love a HST border as much as I love yours. I think it's the mix of colors and fabrics you used, plus the combination of piecing with the little appliqued rosette. As for the two greens -- I think it just makes it seem more random that way. Very pretty. Best of luck with your sick printer!


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