Wednesday 28 January 2015

WOW: Lily Rose, a better bloom by far

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

After much umming and ahhhing I decided that the batik fabric belongs behind the bloom head. So I remade the bloom with a bright mid yellow and I think it looks great now. Sometimes it takes a bit of playing around to find the look you know is waiting for you. 
Because my blooms have a habit of growing, I'm keeping strictly to the pattern and checking it up against the template and background. Everything fits beautifully and its time to move on to the lily. 
What do you think of my leaves? I have fussy cut them from an old stash piece and the stroke work looks just like painted leaves. I love it, its a great touch. 
What's Your WOW ?


  1. Esther, it turned out great. I love it with the yellow. The leaves are a brilliant touch.

  2. OMG those leaves are just spectacular. Love them. You are amazing.

  3. Fabulous flower with the fabric change, and those leaves, simply stunning. Jenny

  4. I love the fussy cut leaves...they are perfect!

  5. Esther, I love the juxtaposition of the abstract batik bloom with the almost photorealistic effect of the fussy-cut leaves against the soft neutral background fabric. The care you take with your fabric selection is so worthwhile.

  6. Hi Esther, I keep forgetting that you are in Australia and a day ahead of me here in New Hampshire USA. I will get my clock fine tuned one of these days soon, lol! I love the batiks you are using - they give your piece even more dimension than usual with applique, and of course they are super lovely!
    Beth P


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