Wednesday 31 December 2014

My Christmas Tablecloth

I'm happy to share that I did get my fabric edging sewn down around my tablecloth in time for Christmas and went ahead and used this tablecloth on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and now it's folded away again until Easter. So, that's another WIP crossed off my list and just in the nick of time too!
Here I am ironing it on Christmas Eve. Because of the size of my table, its easier for me to iron and starch it on the table itself. I always starch my tablecloths because starching creates resistance to staining. Small spills simply bead off and you can blot them away without any washing.
I re-used my stencils from my 'Red December' quilt and used them on a white wholecloth. I arranged them into position according to my eye. To ensure accuracy, I ironed my fabric into equal lengths and followed the iron seams so that I could iron down my stencils into position nice and straight.

On washing, my ironed in grid lines simply eased out. When I fold my tablecloth after washing now, I still iron down the centre. This makes it easy to place on the table (we use a very large boardroom table and positioning can be a real pain). Once in place, I simply iron these guidelines away.
I always knew we'd have a candle for Christmas and Easter, so I created a space for it in the centre of my tablecloth. Like so.

I love how versatile stencils are, you can create whatever you need to your hearts content. And I alse really love finally getting things done. Especially when they're as long overdue as this tablecloth was.

And all before WOW too :) See you tomorrow...


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