Tuesday 9 December 2014

12 Days Finally Quilted

A WIP no more! This is what its all about: and this is what I had in mind when I designed the 12 Days of Christmas Wall Hanging all those years ago (two years? three years? I can't keep up with myself!). What I wanted was a festive quilt for hanging in December and enjoyed for the month ahead. Finally, I've finally done it. And I had just the corner for it too, above this small cabinet of drawers. It's a good spot for displaying those Christmas trinkets. This 'shelf' is actually a display of items which haven been sent to me in friendship from all over the world, so it has a special spot in my heart and I love walking past it.

here I was last Wednesday and yes, it feels good to call it done
 I went for simple lines based on the existing shapes
 for my tree baubles, I used decorative buttons
and simply stitched a loop of the bauble tip
 For the background, I created diamonds to mimic the tree
 I love this pop of candy stripe for the binding, it really lifts the whole quilt, colour wise
simple lines to accentuate the dove which I love most of all from this wall hanging
I'm already thinking of 'new baubles' for my tree. I do love the 12 Days of Christmas, but I also love the idea of changing them each year, With the button and loop system, its so easy to do. And you could even hang real baubles from the tree. My DD has started silk ribbon embroidery and I'm hoping that in the year ahead, she might ribbon up 12 large red roses on the same bauble shape for hanging, I think that would be a beautiful change. Of course, I think family photos using the transfer fabric could work too. There are really so many ways to adapt the wall hanging. And for those of you lucky enough to have an embroidery machine, the possibilities really are endless!

It's too late to do this year, but I do think that from next year onward, I might start designing 12 new designs for this tree until I've exhausted all my ideas. 

Because my Bernina 820 has been really playing up, it took me three days to quilt this wall hanging. To be honest, with quilting this basic - it could be done in 12 hours and for me, that's one day of quilting.

I'm going to do a separate post on quilting with the Bernina 820 in the New Year ( I just don't have time before then) to cover what threads to use. Unusually, the 820 hates most threads, including most Aurifil which is my go to thread so its been a real challenge to get anything quilted on this machine at all. Like I always say about the 820, it should never have been released onto the market, its not fit for purpose. Everything is a 'work around' with this machine. It really ruins the enjoyment of quilting.


  1. What a fabulous hanging! Wonderful work, despite the frustrations with your 820!

  2. Love it and you quilted it beautifully but I totally agree about the Bernina 820. But I have recently started using Isacord for quilting and it works very well. But still, a machine which costs that much should be able to "tolerate" any thread!

  3. Thanks for sharing the detailed pictures! Your work is stunning!

  4. Your quilting is amazing wish mine looked as nice as yours. The buttons are great idea to hag the baubles on the tree. I did love making that three too.

  5. Stunning again, the quilt came out beautiful - you should display it in a show. I just love this idea.

  6. I am so sorry you got the 8 series machine. Serious quilters have had so many problems with it. On the upside I love my 7 Series one. The quilt looks lovely!

  7. So sorry your machine is still driving you crackers and appalled that your dealer can't sort it for you!

    I am lucky with my 830 which has given me no other headaches than the hiccups caused by one of the updates. This last update in 2014 has cured all sorts of niggles (some of which I hadn't even noticed)

    There was an update for the 820 too and I have only heard good things about it and wondered if you had installed it and if so whether it had helped at all? It only takes 10 minutes and a formatted USB stick but well worth the effort. HTH. :o)

  8. A glorious background to fill with Christmas spirit, Esther. Beautiful work.

  9. Wow! Totally awesome! Love it!

  10. Have always loved this wall hanging and wish I had been a member of your group when you released the pattern. Never mind, I will enjoy your wonderful photo's of your beautiful work.
    Thank's so much for all the close detail shots.
    Cheer's Jenny

  11. I would love to see ornaments designed for the the month of January and perhaps Feb... get more use from the wall hanging. Change out the ornaments!!!

  12. Hi Esther, Your blog gave me the push I needed, Steve bought me your digital pattern for Christmas and I am now underway with my 12 days of Christmas. Starting now I know it will be finished for this year and I look forward to you releasing extra baubles later in the year. Thankyou for a very beautiful xmas wallhanging.
    Hugs, Jenny


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