Wednesday 30 October 2013

WOW: One of Those Weeks

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

This is my desktop screen; I like to start each day with this beautiful image 
and imagine who's in that house? and what kind of quilts are draped over their beds?
Well, have you ever had one of those weeks? I feel like every technological thing in our household is out to get me; viruses, freezes, crashes, failed restores, system failures, cables burning out. I mean really, I don't even know half of what is going on. And then, on top of all this, a power outage. Right in the middle of a system reboot. I had my computer and printer updated a few weeks ago and nothing has been running smoothly. All the technicians that have come round keep asking me 'what I do?' they can't believe a "quilter" could possible need so much technology... 'for just a blog'

Just a blog, eh?

I talk about my tech problems a lot on this blog. Mostly because I feel that all this technology that so easily promises to be a tool, so often ends up being an expensive waste of time. Sometimes I feel like I need staff  (and an on call IT expert) to get through and accomplish everything I want done!
and this is how I actually end up feeling
Sometimes I dream about logging off forever. Then I consider how much work, updates and and installations would be waiting for me if I ever did unplug and then want to re-plug...and so I change my mind.

Do you ever feel like its too much bother? Or do you enjoy the new advances technology allows? Do you think it enhances your love of quilting? or something else?

Actually I love sharing what I do and blogging my quilting journey here, I just wish it was as fast and easy as they keep promising me with every software, update and gadget.

What's Your WOW?


  1. I must admit to not having a lot of computer knowledge - my husband takes care of all the computer stuff and he is my computer guru - he showed me how use my blog when I first started to blog 7 years ago and with a little prodding I have learned a little but not a lot.

  2. I love being in touch but there are times I want to turn it off. I really have learn't a lot just by not being afraid of clicking LOL. It is wonderful to be able to chat with quilters all over the world. So nice to learn new techniques and being able to shop while still in my PJ's. I know I would miss it if I had to be unplugged for too long.
    Hugs Bunny

  3. I enjoy the technology to read blogs, research new fabric and to buy fabric. I know nothing about computers and the last two weeks the computer is acting like it needs a new update or something.... sure hope one of these mornings when I start the day it will have arrived. LOL

  4. I truly feel your pain, Esther, and I hope it only gets better and stays that way. Technology can be so frustrating. I've found that jumping into the latest version isn't always the best thing to do,so I upgrade slowly and wait til new versions have been around a while before I move it. That first photo is so soothing.

  5. The fist photo of your screen saver is beautiful, my favourite season. Re. computers, I was advised by my Dr to get off my computer so I have left many groups, my hip pain has decreased since doing so as I was sitting for long periods of a time. My DD is my advisor for when things go wrong, but she has no patience, she says, "Mum how many times to do I have to re-show you?".

  6. Esther, you have lots and lots of patience sometimes you just need to find it. It is better to have control over something than have it control you and sometimes the cyber world does do that, breaks are allowed and understood, it should not be frustrating to enjoy what you love.
    That being said I love your blog and follow you with great awe, so your patience is well received by many I am sure. I myself would wish they would let the upgrades happen gradually but it seems like you just get used to something today and then tomorrow they want to change it...they should take it slower and savour the accomplishments before pushing forward.
    Take a breather in your world, I can think of many things in that picuture and dream of many dog walks to that gorgeous home. Ontario resident wishing to live closer to ease your cyber tech issue

  7. I know how you feel!! I have tried to "dumb" down my computer and internet things as I got fed up of the glitches and other associated things but I missed following other people and having the knowledge that there are others out there that really do care even if they are only down a computer screen!!! It is worth the time and patience to continue on just take one problem at a time and have plenty of pots of tea on stand by!! Oh and don't forget the chocolate!!

    Hope things get better !! Blessings to you and yours.

  8. It' seal ways fun to see the WOWs posted on Wednesdays! I have the same feelings about working with the computer...learning as I go, trying to squeeze in time for the technology while I am working on quilts! There is never enough time for all of it at once for me, so when I am deep in a project, I don't seem to do much posting. Then it always feels good to finish the quilt and get back to more relaxed posts again!

  9. Esther I know things will turn around for you soon!

    Hang in there -- we would be LOST without your posts, inspiration, fine techniques and patterns that you share.


  10. I feel your pain! I am so tired of people upgrading things and then I have fewer choices than I had before and it doesn't work as well as it once did. =P But I'm glad you choose to stay "in the game," because it's great to see your work.

  11. G'day Esther - My blog posts have had to take a back set while I actually get some work done .. so I can have something to Blog about!
    Fortunately (other than a broken WiFi card) I am Techno trouble free. Helps to have a IT Grad in the house!!
    Looking forward to being able to get back into quilting next year. - Cheers Wendy

  12. I couldn't find your email address Esther but I wanted to say thank you for the binding ruler that I won from you - it arrived in the mail today - thanks! Karen

  13. That's why I started hand quilting. It goes slooowly😉


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