Wednesday, 23 October 2013

WOW: Back from Retreat

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
This weekend I enjoyed a retreat in Warburton, it was a nice break from my WIP pile. I can't get into gear with my WIPs and just don't feel in the mood to make a start with any of my quilts yet - do you ever feel that way?

I just cant face all the work that's waiting for me. I know it's silly to be so affected by a sewing machine problem, but its definitely impacted on my schedule. I unpacked my new Bernina with such excitement and enthusiasm, it was the machine I was going to stitch my beautiful LE heirloom on, the perfect way to break in the machine, with such an intense quilt. But I'm really struggling with the 820 and now I don't feel enthused to do anything on it. I'm going to have to get over it, but for now I just feel overwhelmed with the whole thing. So here's a cheerful moment from the retreat: the decorate your plate challenge. I didn't enter it myself as I didn't have time - things are much too hectic in my house at the moment, but the entries did put a smile on my face...

this is the winner, it's so charming! 
and these sandwiches were my personal favourite,
(they remind me of my crochet WIP actually!)
but really I loved them all
and these just make me smile :)  
What's Your WOW ? 


  1. it sounds more and more like you need to go back to using one of your old favorite machines so you will have fun with your sewing again

  2. Looks like you had a fun retreat! What fun looking plates. I'm guessing since it took so long to open that box, you might need to rethink keeping it.

  3. Oh Esther my heart goes out to you I know what you mean when I ordered my Husqvarna Designer 1, I was so excited when it arrived and began using it only to find it wasn't performing. Mine was the fist in Australia at the time they exchanged it for another machine and it has been fantastic ever since. I hope you can finally fall in love with yours,

  4. Oh Esther I do understand that wanting to turn a blind eye to all quilting WIP's. I ended up feeling the same about 3 years ago and I stopped all my WIP's and packed them away in to the attic where out of site out of mind and did no quilts or hand sewing for several months then you put up Hearts Desirer and I fell in love again with my hand sewing when I started making Hearts Desirer. I did make a promise to my self then that every year I was going to finish one of my 30 plus UFO's that I used to call them and I have been doing that, some times only one but it's making me enjoy my quilting again knowing that some of my pile is going to be finished one day. May be when the girls go and life gets back in to a routine and you have rested it will all come back with a bang. Cheers Glenda

  5. Ester, I think we all know the feeling. I know I do.
    My quilting time is reduced to zero at the moment. I'm working on a lot of things, commissioned so no time for quilting now. I love the work I do so it is not that bad but still.
    So all I can say is enjoy the LE of the others, that is what I do and they are so beautiful that it feels oke to do as I do.

    Have a nice week.

  6. Those sandwiches are cute! Just started to learn to crochet so they caught my eye!

  7. Looks so cute nice for you to get away from sewing slump.. I do hope your dealer will solve your problems with your machine. They should make sure you are a happy customer. I have not been up to stitching either but the moving has me exhausted so hopefully it won't last.
    Hugs bunny

  8. Am just getting caught up on reading blogs when I read about the problems you are having with your new Bernina.

    I own three Berninas with the 440QE being my latest. I bought it because of the BSR and so-far-so- good.

    Recently I went to the local Bernina dealer (not where I bought my machine) to buy a foot and discovered he no longer sold the new Berninas (he has switched to another brand). He told me he stopped selling them because the new Berninas were made in China.

    Because Bernina has a reputation for being Swiss made with a huge reputation for high quality precision, I believe having machines made/assembled in China is a deceit. He further told me that some of the parts are made in China and some Swiss, but overall the machine is assembled in China and he was not happy with the workmanship. Not saying there is anything wrong with Chinese products, but I am not sure that the China made machine is as good as the machines made in Switzerland.

    You might want to check to see where your machine was made - this may be the source of all the problems you are having with your machine. And if your machine was assembled in China, were you advised before you made the expensive purchase? There is supposed to be a disclaimer somehwhere on the machine .. like .... Assembled in China from Swiss parts... or something like that.

    Sorry if this causes you additional grief and do sincerely hope that you work out the problems with your Bernina. Was hesitant to write this, but thought you should know as well your readers.

    Love your BOMS and have started both.

    Sincerely, - Terry in So. Calif.


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