Thursday 27 June 2013

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The earliest surviving coverlet dates from the end of the eighteenth century and the patterns are full of the life and colour found in the best tradition of applique. It seems at first only to have been done in the well-to-do houses.’
‘The earliest example which has come to light so far is also one of the best’
‘The patterns in early wood-block prints were sewn originally to the fine unbleached linen with loop stitch with thin brown wool, but during many repairs (some as late as 1835), coloured silk and cotton thread have been added. The majority of the original “dark and shady” cotton prints of red, madder brown, purple and rusty black are lightened by twigged and sprigged patterns in rose, coral, indigo, and pale blue, but many later prints are among them’
‘Other patterns show carnation and various daisy heads among sprays of leaves and flowers—eight slightly different plant-pots and four flower arrangements in two kinds of vase patterns: the centre square is lavishly adorned with hearts, denoting a marriage coverlet, but nothing is known of its history'

These quotes are from 'Patchwork' by Averil Colby (if you dont already own this book, it's a quilting staple, I urge you to seek it out) and are discussing a very special and historic quilt, known only as 'a fine marriage coverlet'. The whereabouts of this coverlet is not currently known, nor has it been seen or exhibited publicly (to the best of my knowledge) since being featured in this 1956 publication. 

This BOM Starts Tomorrow!
This quilt is a historic quilt and of great importance to both women's work and quilting history. It is my hope that this BOM will revive interest in this quilt to the extent that its whereabouts will be discovered so that it may be preserved and archived and acknowledged for future generations as the piece of history it undoubtedly is; this quilt is a legacy.

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  1. I've grabbed my button! So excited, Esther. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Thank you! I'm giving away a copy of the book, so if any of your readers who are making Love Entwined want to stop at my blog and make a comment they will have a chance to win one.

    Judy Hansen
    Williamsburg, VA

  3. Yes, the button is on my blog!
    Only one night to go,.....

  4. Yes, yes , yes the button is on my blog :) Thank you for this SuperBOM
    jatajomi from Germany

  5. Thank you Esther! The button is on my blog too. Downloaded the first part, so I have ome reading to do this evening!


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