Tuesday 11 June 2013

Love Entwined: Search Update 1

'a fine linen marriage coverlet'
where are you?

Well it seems several of you have enthusiastically taken up the call to find this treasure of a quilt!

What a faulous response and to keep us all up to date, I will list what has been investigated so that no one need double up or spend time unnecessarily. Please email me directly OR leave a comment to list any searching you have undertaken below this post and I will keep updating it until this quilt is found.

The Search List:

Elaine has managed to confirm (via the Museum Curator Heather Audin) that it is not in the collection of:
  • The Quilt Museum and Gallery
  • The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles
Contacted, awaiting response:

  • Quilt museum in York (run by the Guild) (Elaine)
  • V & A in London (Elaine)

I know that some of you emailed to let me know that you intended to contact several groups, I will update your findings when I receive them


  1. Hi Esther, just to confirm - the Quilt Museum in York is the same as the Quilt museum & gallery - it houses the collection of the Quilt Guild of the British Isles. I am still waiting a response from the V & A, but as I think all of their collection is online and it is not listed, they probably don't have it :)

  2. What great news. I hope someone in the UK will come up with an answer. I wonder if it would be worth taking out an ad? "Have you seen this quilt? Last known sighting...etc."


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