Wednesday 15 May 2013

WOW: Creatively Organised...and other myths

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
I've done a lot of work to minimise my creative space in the last 6 months. It feels like I've spent years collecting items I thought would prove useful at some point, but it all became too much and I found that I was using just the same small 'kit' over and over. I wanted to reclaim more space. A lot of items went out. And what is left is on borrowed time - if it doesn't prove useful it won't stay. My aim is to get down to the minimum amount of tools required for the maximum output. It's all connected to my WOW resolution - to get my WIPs finished and have a big satisfied quilt pile to show for it.
But sometimes, when I see the last few cluttered patches of 'space' it's just too overwhelming, I need to escape my creativity and go lie down...
Take this lovely drawing nook, full of natural daylight, the perfect place to review my sketches....or store those last bits and pieces and oddments. I really should sort it out. Why is creativity so messy? Or is it just me? How do you manage your WIPs and household space? Do you stay in your sewing room or do you spread out and create creative nests on surfaces everywhere?
 What's your WOW ? 


  1. I am currently living in a house with a large studio space--for me, it's been a blessing and a curse to have the luxury of space. I have accumulated more furniture ... and still haven't quite yet found a place for everything.

  2. I have a small sewing room and all supplies and fabrics are in my sewing room. I did have stuff down in the basement but slowly have de cluttered that area. It does feel good to have given some supplies away but I know I could give more away. LOL. Bunny

  3. I have a hobby room, for my painting and my fabric crafts, but it is so cluttered that I'm not slowly but surely taking over the living area ;o)


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