Wednesday 13 March 2013

WOW: The Best Spot for Your Flower Blocks

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
This week I've been looking forward to ending the Forget Me Not mystery BOM. We're nearly there and whilst I've enjoyed every stitch, I'm so eager to see everyone's finished quilt top and get a good look at the flower blocks you've selected each month and also how you will be arranging them?!
I can't wait to see what the best spot for your flower blocks will be...
I spent hours positioning and re-positioning my own blocks. I couldn't stop changing them around. They're all set now. I can't show you my quilt tops because that would reveal too much before the 15th, however here are my two Forget Me Not Quilts and here are the flower positionings I have opted for in each one.

this is my yellow print Forget Me Not top with yellow background
and here's the fabric I selected at the very beginning of the mystery to make up the top
I still love the cheery yellow flower print and expect the brown to anchor the blocks enough
so that it isn't too busy

This is my red polka dot Forget Me Not top with a dark background
How could I resist red polka dots on beige? I love them!

What a week it's been! Just as I was getting somewhere with my new sewing space, I suffered a fall and have spent the last few days with my leg up, doing very little. It's been so hot this last week, not a day under 30c and with no rain in sight, so I decided to water some of my languishing pot plants one evening and tripped over and slipped in the wet! It's been really painful and especially could I have been so careless?!

The next installment of Forget Me Not is March 15th

What's Your WOW?


  1. Oh, Esther, your poor leg! That looks painful - although it is also an interesting colour scheme...

  2. Will pray for a speedy recovery for you.

  3. Poor you good tHing you didn't break your leg or hip.
    Keep well. Hugs Bunny

  4. Ouch! I did something similar Dec 20th but near my shin bone and it took two full weeks of it up to get better. Your flower blocks are truly marvelous. Feel better soon.

  5. So sorry you hurt yourself, it is so easily done.
    Love both your lower quilts!

  6. Esther -- so sorry about your fall... gosh I hope that heals soon. It it painful to look at I can't imagine how it hurts. Sending hugs your way!!

    And those flower blocks of yours!! They would brighten any day!

    Thanks for sharing your talents and time.


  7. Oh Esther the bruising looks terrible it must be so painful. When I saw the photo I thought you had been doing some shading for your flowers?????? I never guessed it was bruising till I read the comments. Thanks goodness the bruising has come out though. Poor poor you, I sure hope you have plenty of hand sewing beside you besides lots of chocolate!!!!!!!! Cheers Glenda. PS for got to say how beautiful your blocks are. It has been a wonderful last 12 months seeing the different beautiful design on the 15th of each month. Cheers

  8. Those quilts are looking wonderful.
    Trust you to get a rainbow coloured leg...


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