Friday 15 March 2013

Forget Me Not: Part 14 is launched

It's an exciting and busy BOM month this month in Part 14. I was torn over extending the BOM to 15 months to pace the work between adding the contrast trim and frames and then (next month) adding the sashing. The contrast trims and frames are a lot of work and it probably makes sense to split it from the sashing ...but we've reached the point in this mystery where I know so many of us just want to finish it, that it felt unfair to make those of us who wanted to press ahead wait another month.

So, although I think this final installment Part 14 is probably 2 months work BOM wise, I also know that as I near the end of a quilt, I like to keep going and see it finished. So whatever you do, set your own pace and don't be daunted. Forget Me Not is a quilt all about details and pleasure so finish it in your own time.

I definitely recommend making transparent templates from your pattern this month. I always do this anyway, but this month it's doubly important for you to see the block beneath you as you draw in your guidelines and mark your position for the contrast trim and block cutting line too

As you can see here, I've gone a tiny bit over the design space (I got distracted and didn't follow the original pattern as tightly as I should have) and will nip a bit of my forgetmenot flower with my contrast trim over on this side. Over on the other side I would have lost a whole flower head, so I fiddled the positioning guide to get my block looking its best.

My contrast trim is off white so it isn't showing up as clearly as I'd like in this pic, however you can see that I have ironed down Floriani Stitch n Wash Fusible on the wrong side of my fabric

and cut away the contrast trim with a seam allowance

 and clipped the seam allowance all the way around the curve line

and this is where you can needle turn your edge if you are needle turning.
I am turning my edges with Elmers disappearing purple washable glue
and an Orange stick for neat, tight curves all the way around and the time
and effort you take here is really rewarding when you see how important a clean neat
contrast line is in showing off your applique block

curved lines are so satisfying!

and when I've finished my curve contrast trim
I keep it in position until I slip stitch later on
with tiny dots of Roxanne's Basting Glue all around
and put the trim into position over my block

It's not a difficult technique but it is time consuming; because the contrast trim frames
your applique block, any mistakes you make here will distract from the applique.
Take your time and get it right.

Now I measure everything against my Template again to make sure I'm happy with the positioning. I always say, measure twice and cut once. You can see here that I appliqued my block (actually all my blocks) slightly over size, knowing I would be trimming them down at this stage

and after a final measure, I cut my block (with the contrast trim correctly in place) down to size.

Now repeat with all blocks in both sizes B & C.
Do make sure that your pattern template is correct when you print it out too, check it against the 1inch square box. I know how much time and effort you've put into your applique blocks, so these details really matter at this final stage!

Here I am work, working patiently and watching the Quilt Show for company!

With your contrast trim in place, it's time to add your borders. The borders have an optional applique motif embellishment which you can see on my Forget Me Not Block here. Whether you opt for the extra applique embellishment will depend on the style and colours and fabric choices of your quilt top. On some quilts, the extra frame applique will be too much and too fussy, whereas on other styles of quilt top it will add a decorative touch or unify an otherwise understated style. It's optional and something for you to decide.

I've made 2 x Forget Me Not Quilts and have decided on adding the embellishment on one and not the other. My yellow quilt is already quite busy but I think the brown frames offers enough contrast to break from the sashing print. I like the 'picture frame' applique throughout. Whereas on my dark quilt with the red polka dot sashing, it just doesn't work.

Forget Me Not has been such a pleasure to make. I've really enjoyed the floral applique blocks and it's been a real treat to see you make them as well. Thank you to everyone who is taking the time to post their blocks and progress over in my Yahoo BOM Group, we all love seeing pics in progress!

The real excitement of course, is that each quilt of 12x blocks had an option of 24x blocks to choose from; so no two Forget Me Not quilt will be alike. Each is a unique applique quilt with it's own options and flourishes.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the different quilt tops. The next time you see my quilt tops will be as I am quilting them in the next few months, so stay tuned and don't forget to head over to my Yahoo Group where you can share ideas, pics and questions.

 This is the final part of my free 2012 -2013 Mystery BOM Forget Me Not
You can download this month's block via my website or my Yahoo Bom Group


  1. Esther, as you reveal the mystery of FMN, the more I want to work on the blocks to get there myself. What a detailed post. Thank you!

  2. A Wonderful tutorial Esther instructions so clear to follow, thanks so much fro taking the extra photos to show each step. My gosh they look beautiful in their frames. Cheers Glenda


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