Wednesday 17 October 2012

WOW: Healing Hearts

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

Something I've long loved about quilting is how personal and personable it can be at the same time. I can spend hours sewing alone having a wonderful time...and yet my quilting experience wouldn't be complete with my friendship groups, my online groups and the assistance and friendship that quilting and quilter's so easily lend themselves to.

Healing Hearts are something we've probably all made. I love everything about them. Just recently I've had a few requests from new quilters for a 'pattern' for a Healing Heart.

Of course, a Healing Heart can mean many things to different groups; the size and design can be altered to suit specific needs. I know there are a lot of patterns out there for this very thing, so go with what suits you.

My own pattern is quick and easy. In my Yahoo Bom Group we create 6.5 inch blocks as a standard (so the recipient has equal sized blocks) and we usually sign our hearts too.

I've drawn up a block pattern which is a good starting point. I like turn edge applique and a double heart in the centre, but of course it's up to you how and where you affix your own heart and if you like a skinny or rounded heart. I also like to add corners. Again, it's up to you. Go with what feels right.

Healing Hearts are a way for us to show support and encouragement to fellow members who are having a difficult time or experiencing hardships. These 'quilt hugs' are a way for us to show that we care and are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.

You can download my Healing Hearts pattern via my Yahoo Bom Group or via my Website.

What's your WIP today?

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  1. 'Healing Hearts' quilts are not something I am familiar with, but sound like such a nice idea. thanks for sharing a pattern.


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