Monday 15 October 2012

Tulip and Snowdrop

Suprised it's already October and suprised it's already time for Part 9
But here we are, and whatever else is going on, it always feels nice to launch the new monthly block

I've opted for gentle pinks again: I fussy cut for colour graduation from my hand dyes. I always knew hand dying an entire rainbow spectrum would come in useful one day and I love digging into the stash too! Just recently I've realised that I'm avoiding the use of 'prints' in my quilts. Of course I still love prints and will always have a place for them, but now I think twice before using them in my quilts...

edge turn applique
so easy and so satisfying
and there's room for a flying spotted friend or two...

You've got a good spectrum of colours for you tulip,
I went for pinks and greens to go on my yellow background

and like every month, preperation is key

fussy cutting tones from my pink hand dyes

Snowdrop was always going on my dark background quilt

Crisp clear colours that shout spring, sure it could have worked on the yellow background, but I love the promise it holds against a cold winter night sky

 the vibrant spring greens really had to stand out against the black

 and like last month, I've made 1x edge turn applique block and 1x raw edge applique

 raw edge applique with silver embroidery floss for snow flakes

There's always lots of block action, advice, tips and images over in my Yahoo Bom Group, so if you're making the mystery, join us!


These are blocks from Part 9
of my free 2012 Mystery BOM Forget Me Not

Yes, anyone can join in:
You can download this month's block via my website or my Yahoo Bom Group 


  1. Your work is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing.

  2. Love those little snow drops. They're amazing!

  3. Gorgeous, Esther. I will be making the snowdrops as I am making the raw edge set for my first set.

  4. Hi Esther,
    I am following along with your lovely free BOM, but I can't seem to download part 9, I've tried a number of times but it tells me the file is corrupted and will not open. Never had trouble in the past...any ideas?
    thanks Julie


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