Wednesday 8 August 2012

WOW: August Already?

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

When did August get here?

I've lost three weeks I'm just not ready; I'm still in an early July state of mind. The flu's been staggering around the house. First my DH, then me a week later and a week after that my DD.
Looking at my DH, I have hopes that I'll pick up this week. I really hope so. The worst thing is the lost time. And the realisation that a virus can seriously leave you bed ridden. I can't even remember the last time I was this unwell. I actually had a flu shot this year and I don't know it it's helped, all I know is that I did all I could to prevent this happening. Oh well.

This is the best I've looked for the better part of a month!
It's my first coffee since the flu arrived so I must be feeling better...

but I'm still taking it easy, I'm totally exhausted. And I'm thinking about the rest of the year and starting a priority list of things to do. Because there's so much to get done and I really want to see as many as possible WIPs become finished pieces to enjoy. I also have a lot of clearing out and generally tidying up to do. I might even start a completely new WIP to motivate myself. Anything to get going again.
Hopefully my next WOW will be full of doings instead of recovering.

How's your wednesday?


  1. So sad to hear you are not yourself. I hope you recover soon.

  2. I hope you continue to heal--with greater speed. This must be a really scary virus to have gotten you down for so long. I hope you have banished it well.

  3. Poor poor you. It's horrible when you want to do stuff and just can't. Remember what happened when you started to do too much too soon and just take things easy this time and allow your body to recover before you rush into stuff. (Don't do what I do, do what I say, lols). Nothing is so important that it cannot either be cancelled or can wait.
    Get well soon, but allow yourself time.
    Because so many people call a bad cold the flu we forget how dangerous it is.

  4. Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  5. Ich wünsche gute Besserung.

  6. Maybe it is time to just not " have to do" so much. Just by reading all the things you have and want to do I get exhausted. Ta det lugnt (take it easy) as they say in Sweden (I'm a Dutchie living in Sweden)
    Maybe you caught a different kind of European flue than the one they prevented you from in Australia ;-) Anyway, I hope you´ll get well soon!

  7. I feel your pain! I'm constantly down with a virus, flu or cold and can't stop thinking of all the things that I want/should be doing.
    Did I ever thank you for all that you do? Well I am now.... thanking you for the BOM's and the inspiration that you provide. I'm especially very fond of your red pieces. Thank you so much!
    Now, looking at your photo, what is the book that you are holding on your lap? (Template)Is it a way to make templates or is it a book of templates? curious..... Thanks again!
    Judy in Northern Alberta, Canada


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