Saturday 25 August 2012

A little bird told me...

During our mid week post flu break, I stopped by a giftstore and found these tea towels. Of course, I wasn't looking for tea towels, I was actually after some special wool fat lip balm I usually pick up in Ballarat (and can't find anymore). But when I saw these little characters, well, I couldn't resist:

Luckily I also found these oven mitts. As soon as I saw these, they were mine! I instantly fell in love with the polka dot ruffle and floral print. Now, these oven mitts are really an economy - because although I said I wouldn't buy anything when I went into the shop to look, the fact is, we needed oven mitts.

Our old ones are looking rather desperate and shabby. And most importantly, they don't protect our hands anymore as the thermal lining has disintegrated.

Well, I added Make Oven Mitts to my WIP list and even planned on going shopping to buy the thermal lining...and now I don't have to, and the gloves were cheaper than I could  have purchased the material for. Talk about excellent shopping!

these birds really caught my heart, they are so dear

I have a soft spot for birds and all of my quilts end up having one in the design somewhere

these charming characters are drawn / designed by "Madeleine Floyd"
isn't she super talented? I'd love to invite her to my house and give her an entire wall to work on

 and the tea towel brand is Ulster Weavers Linen Tea Towels
this is their website

I know that if I had seen these on any of my daily blog lists, I'd have rushed out to buy it
it almost makes wiping down surfaces enjoyable

so I also purchased the matching apron...because who has enough aprons??

and the only thing that disappointed me was that there was no matching cups

 I'd  love some tea cups with these sweet drawings

but I should be careful what I wish for because I just took a moment to look at the website

and oh no, I think I'd like to overhaul my Tea Towel Cabinet

all of them

and start all over again, exclusively with Ulster Linen Tea Towels

because I've had a long planned make fabulous quilt fabric tea towels WIP
on my mind...and now I think, hmmm, Ulster Weavers would be nicer...

but more importantly
what did the little birdy tell me?
Go home and tidy your kitchen!


  1. Your bird towels, etc. are too cute--great find!

  2. Oh these are fantastic. Will you have a hard time using them?? :)


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