Friday 15 June 2012

Part 5 is Launched

This month you have the option of

Forget Me Not


Here are the pattern sketches. Remember, colour in your patterns before commiting to fabrics.

Stay tuned as detailed block images and working pics will be posted tomorrow.
Also, remember to check out the Yahoo Group to see what we are all talking about over there!

Forget Me Not is my 2012 Mystery BOM
Anyone can take part.
Each monthly block is available for download via my


  1. Oh, it's always so hard to pick one of the two. I'm so undecided as they are both so beautiful. Thank you again, Esther, for the stunning blocks!

  2. I could only find to download the forget me not pattern. What about the poppy? I would love to make the poppy...:)

    You make such wonderful patterns. Thank you:)

  3. Oh I love the Poppy but they both are fantastic.


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