Friday 8 June 2012

A Carriage In Vienna

What can I say about such a historic town?

Horse drawn carriage is probably the best way to enjoy Vienna

It's definitely the best seat for taking in the views: I love looking at the all the old buildings and the rich details of plasterwork and ironwork ....and all without a moments thought for traffic. Bliss!

 Here I am really enjoying the view (and some gentle sun)

 I love the historic statues
the hotdog stands

 the view of the streetscape

the ironwork... just looking at this gate got to me thinking about Sunshine & Shadow, my stencil quilt which was designed around traditional iron scrollwork motifs. I love it!

and more ironwork in windows

Of course once around wasn't enough to take in a city as beautiful as this,
I had to go around again just to appreciate things from the opposite view
and changed seats with my DH who was sitting opposite.

So much motivation for one morning, the only thing missing
was a stop inside a quilting shop for some fabric to go with my fresh ideas.

Luckily, I didn't find one!


  1. The trip looks wonderful I love the atmosphere so much.

  2. Oh how wonderful! Thanks for allowing us to see it along with you :*)

  3. Ohhhhhhhh thank you Esther for taking us on part of your journey, it brings back sooo many memories, Quilt Shops what quilt shops????? There are only two real ones there both not right in the city. Hugs Glenda Down Under

  4. One of the things that impressed me about Melbourne was the ironwork one saw everywhere. And here it is in Vienna - thanks for sharing. Cute hamburger stand.

  5. Looks beautiful Esther and seeing the city in a horse drawn carriage had to be wonderful!

  6. So enjoyable to see Vienna through your eyes. What fun! Have a good vacation!
    best, nadia

  7. Sure looks like a gorgeous place. Have fun.


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