Wednesday, 15 February 2012

WOW: 'Inheriting' WIPs

WOW = WIPs On Wednesday

After all these years I have spent teaching my DDs the importance of *starting a single project and finishing it before moving on to another* (I know, I know, wishful thinking), I discover that not only has my DD abandoned her WIP, but did so in my sewing studio... apparently 2 weeks ago!

Yes, I have to face the reality that my DD has inherited my multiple WIP habit and worse, has opted to pass her WIP on (to me) with no intent on actually completing it now (or ever) herself. It sure looks like I have inherited my own bad WIP / UFO habit.
Bad WIPPing habits do not go unnoticed. Even when they are craftily stored temporarily in a dedicated sewing studio. If I could start my quilting adventure all over again and rewind 11 years, I'd stick with a strict 01 project until completed rule.

But then again..... 
100% merino wool, 8 graduations of colour, 5% completed
Were oh where did she get such extravagant ideas from???
Fabric News:
My parcel from Paducah still hasn't arrived and I have decided not to expect it any longer. I am moving on and moving forward regardless.

Mystery BOM 2012 News:
I am now delayed with the release of the BOM, but after the suggestion in the YahooGroup of releasing it on Feb 29th, I've really taken to the idea. Hopefully once the new fabric arrives I will be able to move quickly on with the month.
Back to what wednesday is all about...WIPs!


  1. One project at a time? How absurd. I feel greatful when I only have 1 of EACH TYPE of project going at once (hand applique, hand quilting, machine quilting, FMQ, machine piecing, hand piecing, English Paper Piecing). It's not even a good project day unless I change the feet on my machine at least 3 times (walking, piecing, darning).

  2. I did try an exclusive policy of just the one project on my last quilt, but it bit me on the ass when I found myself not enjoying making it, as I was then not sewing for days on end. When I did complete my quilt, I started three projects, one hand appliqué, one foundation pieced and a UFO ready for quilting so there is always a quilt I feel like playing with.

  3. One project at a time is like reading one book at a time or having one favorite ice cream (Yikes!) :o)
    Have a great day!!
    Always, Queenie

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh but those yarns are to die for so I know how she felt, the colours are beautiful and itching to be crocheted. Now and then I think about starting some crochet but then patchwork calls me. The sheepskin coat I'm revamping is made from merino and is so so soft. Cheers Glenda

  5. My DD did the same thing! She wanted to learn how to crochet, now I'm asking my friends if they want some yarn!
    Feb 29th is a great idea, Esther. I feel so bad for you about the fabric not showing up. If/when it does, are you going to just add it to your stash, or use it for the next BOM in the fall?

  6. Oh, Esther, really? You would only do one project at a time? I am so glad that you don't. I enjoy reading about all the WIPs that you are working on.

  7. Esther....I have 5 projects on the go,and three completed tops,waiting to be quilted. At my age I think the journey is more important than the destination,and am inspired to start a new technique constantly.
    Today I made your cake,it turned out beautifully.Substituted cherry jam with blueberry. My bundt tin is not as divine as yours,but it still looks great.Taste test to come! Marble cakes,reminds me of my childhood birthday was a special treat then.
    There is a small typo in recipe...should read ...beat butter, sugar, vanilla, not , beat eggs sugar and vanilla
    Your blog constantly inspires me in all things creative Thank you

  8. This is my first visit to your beautiful! I found you via a link that The Creative Crochet Crew posted on Facebook and will be adding you to my blog roll! I started out with the "monogamy pledge" but just couldn't keep it going. Now I try to have one "major" project going with a smaller, more portable project for distraction. I absolutely love the crochet pattern pictured at the top of this post. Do you know the name of the pattern?

  9. does anyone have this pattern or know the name of it? I love it i do prayer blankets for church this would be great...Thanks Kim


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