Friday 17 February 2012

New Mystery BOM Background Fabric

Who's going to be making the
New Mystery BOM for 2012?

The New Mystery Quilt 2012 is a  floral applique wall quilt. Being a Mystery I will not be revealing any more details other than the monthly released blocks. But here's some information that will help you choose the best background fabric for your own quilt based on your own taste.

Here are my three backgrounds. Of course, I have 3 and can't decide between them!


1. Springtime:
The first yellow is the block background
The second milky white fabric is a contrast trim
The brown is a frame
The print is sashing and borders

This fabric option would be perfect to light up a wall, is feminine and cheerful, it would be a real delight to make this background.

Yellow & Yellow Flower Print- Basic Grey Curio range by Moda
Milky White and Brown is my stash

2. Polka Dot & Rouenneries:
The first red print with Fleur De Lis is the block background
The second pearl Fleur De Lis fabric is a contrast trim
The turkey red tournesal is a frame
The polka 'dobby dot' print is sashing and borders

I like these reds so much, they really speak to me. Another consideration is that blues, pinks, white and greens come alive on this red background and any floral applique will be very striking. It will dominate and make a statement of my wall and I am drawn to that. It's very tempting. And most of you know, I do have a thing for reds.....

All the fabrics in this range are
Rouenneries Deux by French General for Moda

Note that the 'dobby dot' polka dot fabric is a heavier fabric than usual.
I was not aware of this heavier weight when I purchased it.

3. Classic Neutral:
The first beige print is the block background
The second dull brown is a contrast trim
The third print is a frame
The stripe print is sashing and borders

Neutral is not boring! If you want your wall quilt to blend into your surroundings, this range is classic, sophisticated and balances the floral applique beautifully. If I was making a wall quilt for our sitting room where we have chesterfield sofas, this would win hands down.

All the fabrics in this range are
Rouenneries Deux by French General for Moda

Except for the dull brown which is from my stash

Choosing your background colours: will depend on the wall where you will be hanging this quilt. You may want to go with colours that suit your home design. All three options below accommodate lots of styles. The yellow is very feminine and french provincial, the red is classic and opens a living space, and the neutral is a sophisticated formal look.

Personally I could use all three colours on my own walls, but whether you want a more provincial, more classic look, will depend on your own taste and surroundings.

If you are thinking, how will my florals work on these fabrics? The aim of the quilt design is to allow the flowers to shine through. These fabrics are the background - the floral applique is the feature of the quilt. If you opt for a dark background for applique blocks, your floral applique will be dramatic.

If you opt for a neutral background, you may decided to select floral applique fabrics in muted tones to match the tone of the quilt. In nature there are many floral variations, even within a species. You may for instance, create, say a rose in a striking pink, a soft cream or a deep red. These are choices you will make as you create your floral blocks.

All three options listed above could work and work very well in my living area where the quilt is going to hang. I am torn between which one to opt for. The reds are very predictable for me and I do love them, but I also am taken by the idea of a glowing quilt that the first yellow option would allow. Then of course, classic, monochromatic sophisticated beige, where all emphasis would be on the flowers. But can I resist colour to allow it to work at it's best?

You will decide on your own background based on your own taste, and colour preferences.

You now have a good idea of what the background is going to do on this quilt top - and how your fabric choices will direct that. And how your own own fabric selection must 'zing' in the combination above of: background, trim, frame and borders / sashing.

As for me, I am still deciding...


  1. Heavens to murgatroid!!!!!! My DDL comes from the South of France so the yellow jumps at me, red has always been my biggest draw from coats to towels now quilting, but I have been thinking Taupe for this quilt from when you first mentioned it. So now I'm as undecided as you are??????? Cheers Glenda PS I'm sure this is a big help!!! Grinning

  2. Glenda my sentiments exactly....!
    I also have Brown Leather in the lounge and was going to say Yellow/Brown but I like the Classic style of the Neutral - If I was tempted by Red - I would go deeper into Burgundy. Not a lot of help from me either!!!!! Good Luck choosing!

  3. I really like the grays for the neutral part background so the main quilt will jump out in the middle. At least that is what I am thinking at the moment.

  4. They're all beautiful. BUT, I think I like the first one (yellows) best and for this reason: If the outer-most fabric is to be used in the borders. . I think it should either be a darker color. . or include several colors from the quilt. The 1st fabric choice is the only one that meets that criteria for me.
    If you switched the order of the reds I would like them better. . The neutrals don't seem to have enough contrast right off-hand. BUt if you were to put another darker grey as the borders/sashing I would REALLY like that too. Will the floral appliques have lots of color? maybe the greys would look really good as the background for that!
    Just an opinion.

  5. I love the Rouenneries REd collection, but only because I absolutely adore this range of fabric. It is hard to visualise all the other fabrics going with it!

  6. Normally the reds would get my vote, but this time I'm thinking those yellows have it. They would be spectacular as a showcase for floral appliqué!

  7. Wonderful fabric choices, and you have given a great explanation of each...for me, this was a great lesson on choosing fabrics for applique, and in general! Thank you for the inspiration.

  8. Gosh, now we have a choice of what to go for (plus anything else that we would come up with for ourselves).

    For me, definitely the taupe one. That way I can choose how muted or more bright my flowers are going to be.

    Thanks for showing us these options, Esther!

  9. You definitely have an eye for fabric! All the choices are just beautiful. I love the Rouennerres fabric, but for this quilt my vote would be for the neutrals.

  10. I absolutely LOVE the yellow and brown! I'm NOT a brown lover but that fabric is so rich and velvety looking with the yellow. I think I might try something similar. Or maybe find a print that I like for the outer border and pick colors from that. What to do, what to do?

  11. Oh, Esther, I love your fabric choices. And I think I know what I want to use but, have you told us how big this quilt will be? I don't have many walls in my house so I won't know where it might hang until I know how big it is.

  12. The fabric choices are wonderful. I particularly like the yellow, but it wouldn't go in my house. So now I have to make a decision! I like the red, but I plan to hang this on my newly painted red wall.......maybe too much red? I think a trip to the quilt shop is needed. Thanks for sharing this with us Esther. I can't wait to get started.

  13. Oh definitely the reds, I loved this line from French General the first time around and missed it so you are giving me a second chance and it will go on these bare walls. I cannot wait. I am not sure about the heavier weight border. May have to change that. thanks in advance. This looks like so much fun!

  14. Love all those fabrics especially the yellow, for me it will all depend on how much fabric I need for the background. My home is all pale aqua so that would also be an option. Did I read that you won't be telling the amount of fabric we need or you will do that once the first part is revealed?

  15. Thank you for commenting, it's so interesting to hear from you all.

    The quilt is 60 inches.

    ALL fabric requirements will be provided in month one, so you will be able to select all your fabric and set it aside.

  16. Thanks Esther I am happy to wait. I will be back on March 7th. Have fun. Hugs Bunny

  17. Ester - they are all very beautiful -- and I love the reds. But my h eart is leaning toward the Yellow/Classic Springtime, or the Neutral colors - only because it seems the floral palette would be wide open with either of those two backgrounds. Those reds would look beautiful as flowers !!

    You have the eye though -- so whatever you choose I'm sure will be beautiful !.


  18. Fascinating! I am looking forward to seeing what you choose and the first block.

  19. Hi, Esther! I love the reds and each collection of Rouneriers love me and takes my breath away! I do not like yellow ... but I must admit that your choice seemed very "fresh" and "happy"! Neutrals are a classic and look great on any wall. In its place would be a big problem of choice between yellow and red my passion!
    A hug!

  20. Hi Esther I have been looking and looking at that red and would love to see your version of that made up plus one of the others that are lighter!!!!!!!!!!. I can understand the dark back-ground would have light flowers made up on it. I can see I will have to make up two blocks then decide which way to go. Cheers Glenda

  21. These blocks are so beautiful that I think they can easily stand on their own. I'm going to make them into wall hangings, one for each month.


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