Wednesday 18 January 2012

WOW: Pinning when I should be Wipping

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

This year I have decided to really enjoy the Mystery Bom and this means running it longer that 6 months (which can be intense when applique is involved) and it also means I get time to finish some long outstanding WIPs and bits and pieces. It just feels like it's time to get a lot of my projects done.  A great plan for a great quilting year.
So, what’s the problem? Pinterest.
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When I should be Wipping, I am instead spending hours Pinning.
Pinterest is not new, but when it was new I decided to avoid it as I feared I would end up a seriously dedicated pinner. And now it’s all too late. I pin every day.

I have concerns about Pinterest, on the one hand it feels instinctively rude to pin someone else’s work onto your own board, just because you feel like it.
And I worry that it encourages theft of original ideas and encourages an attitude of borrowing other people’s talent on a whim.

On the other hand, it’s interesting and a great way to come across useful things. And as each image links back to the original source, it increases traffic to it's original source. At least I think that's the idea. Whether or not it's just being used as grab visuals for new ideas... I dont know. I do still feel mixed about it, I must confess.

I am quite fond of these fancy cakes ...and never get tired of doors either. All these pins are on my Pinterest boards if you would like to pin or source their origin.
For me at the moment, it's far too hot to get any serious Wipping done, so it's been a nice distraction. What about you?
Do You Pin?


  1. I pin too, and have had that uncomfortable feeling about it. I know most bloggers have something they mention on their blog about their images or ideas and whether or not they want them copied. But as you said, it does link right back to their blog, it's not something I'm putting out there as my own work, but rather as something I admire. I hope that makes it OK. There sure are a lot of talented people out there, and some stunning images online and it's nice to have a place that provides a quick reference to get back to those things, or to share them with friends. I'm a fan when it's all said and done.

  2. I am a pinning addict. I've always borrowed ideas from others, and try to change them to suit me. The credit should always go to the original artist which pinning helps us to do.
    For me, pinning is also an organizational way to keep all my ideas that I see online. It's a lot better than keeping pages of clips from magazines.

  3. I just found your pin boards and am following you. You've got some great stuff on there. I am afraid I am an addict for pinterest as well and I just discovered Words With Friends on Facebook. How will I ever get anything done?

  4. Well I do use Pinterest I must admit, but nowhere near as much as I did when I first joined. It is a bit of a dilemma isn't it, the good thing about it is that the original source can't actually be hidden..! If I show pictures from Pinterest I try to acknowledge the original source and not the one I pinned it from...

  5. Well I had never heard of this so I don't Pin LOL. I am however drooling over those cakes. This is my third week on WW. They sure look yummy.

  6. I have started pinning but don't do much of it. And I don't "follow" anyone so I am not going through what they pin. I just don't have the time what with all the blogs I read. :-)

  7. Yes, I pin. I just started in the last month or so. I like it because it organizes all those things that inspire you. I actually have one board that is color. Love colors!

  8. I started pinning last month. I too get a weird feeling about pinning people's photo's. But at least if a person clicks on that photo, they go to the blog/site that it originally came from, so I guess that is a good way to get more traffic to a site.

  9. Yes, I pin too! Great isn't it? I'm a follower now.

  10. No, I don't pin. There is enough going on for me now but I will look into it.

  11. This is new to me but looks fascinating. I've requested an invite. I think you have to be positive and see it as a way to share things you love rather than an invite to copy. After all the net is so vast most of those wonderful images won't be seen by as many people without sites like this.


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