Monday, 9 January 2012

Blogger, I'm Home!

How did it get to be Monday the 9th of January 2012 already?
It feels like the year has started with a leaping run and I am only just deciding to get out of bed! I have had a kind of post festive season slump these last two weeks. It’s been so hectic and then so suddenly over …(and then we had the flu in our house in the middle of a heat wave. Exhausting!).
Oh 2012, it’s going to be a good year full of exciting projects. Now I just have to get a move on with my Quilty To Do List. And get busy. And stick to a daily schedule.
So no more of this:
which I really enjoyed over Christmas, which is unusual for me as I rarely drink

and there'll be much less of this 
as my DDs have lost their festive 'motivation' to do all the cooking (sigh)

and no more indulging in those by the dozen...

and there'll be no more birthday morning teas like this...

or relaxing on the beach like this.
Phew! December - January in our house is really busy.

Just last night my DH and I returned home from a short break by the sea. We celebrated our 37th Wedding Anniversary.
We went to Apollo Bay like we do every year. There are nicer places along the Great Ocean Road, but we are always drawn to Appollo Bay – I think it’s because of the visual impact of mountains and sea.
Every year we have our favorite spot, but because we were in Europe in October, we didn’t book it in time. So, we booked an unfamiliar hotel opposite the beach. We went for the ‘deluxe spa suite’ in a 4 star rating in the only free vacancy left in the area…which turned out to be somewhat less deluxe than we were expecting.
The bathroom was rather more 'run down suburban' than deluxe, with a child sized spa (I didn’t know they made them this small), grotty bathmats and DIY look renovation details and a hard, hard bed!
Look at this disgusting bathmat!! I couldn't believe it!
I was tempted to put it in the bin but worried that they would charge me for another one....
so I left it alone.

Instead of being on the 1st or 2nd floor as advised when booking, our ‘private balcony’ overlooked a lovely stretch of main road which was frequently visited by traffic and deliveries.

Maybe I'm just too fussy?? But I thought star ratings meant something?
Don't get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad news. Luckily the sea (directly opposite our room) was 100 metres away and it was so nice to be able to go back and forth and this made up for our lackluster accommodation.
I miss gazing on this already

and how, (after the festive season of indulgence),
am I going to get used to cooking healthy meals again??
Look at this beautiful dish served straight in the frying pan in a lovely restaurant- delicious.

Most days we were dressed for breakfast, then dressed for the beach, then changed at lunch and then dressed again for dinner -holiday outfit changes can be so time consuming and tiring.

Other than that, our other daily routine was waiting for the cafes to open at 8am each morning so that we could enjoy our first morning coffee. You see, I have spoilt my DH and he is accustomed to having his short black at 6am. So like clockwork, he was awake for his coffee. Now, I have been known for taking our coffee machine with us on holidays - but my DH declared that I shouldn't and couldn't as were 'on on a break' and would go to cafes.

And I made sure to remind him of this each morning as we waited for opening time.

On our last night, we couldn't be bothered getting dressed for dinner. So still in our beach attire, we went down to the local shops, and what the heck- we had a casual 'private balcony' meal of fried fish and chips wrapped in butchers paper. With streaming traffic for entertainment.

Eating off paper always feels like a holiday to me!

Well, the holiday is over and 2012 has begun!

No more eating out for all meals. It's high time to remedy some of my festive season excess with a diet I think. And then there's the shopping to do, and the dinner to cook and my WIPs to pull out. 

See you tomorrow! Hope you're all back to routine!


  1. Congrats on your Aniversary!

  2. Esther, I am with you 100%!!! I had waaay too much fun this last month!! Love the wine, but it sure cuts into the productivity, doesn't it?

  3. Happy aniversary, so happy you got some time to celebrate.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. Happy Anniversary Esther nice to get away and to my favorite place the beach.Happy New Year.

  5. Chuckled through the latter part of your post - Happy Anniversary!

  6. Congratulations! 37 years is certainly something to celebrate.

    I know what you mean by overdosing on all those fattening goodies over Christmas - we all seem to eat too much, don't we!

  7. Happy aniversary, I would of put a note on the mate saying it need the bin. Look like you had a great time any way.


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