Saturday 24 September 2011

My Challenge Entry: Light and Shade

This post relates to my membership of the International Quilt Challenge. We have our own blog, why not take a look?

My Challenge Piece: 'Shadow and Sunshine'

The first challenge was set by Annabel: she chose Light and Shade. I already have a quilt called sunshine and shadow so I started calling my challenge that out of habit. It’s so connected in my mind, that I really have no option but to call my challenge piece Shadow and Sunshine.

It’s A3 size for those of you who are interested. We have no size restriction, but I feel that I do need a limit and I also like the idea of having like sized pieces at the end of the challenge cycle. That said, I might change my mind at any moment.

I was inspired by the idea that shadows are a degree of absence, not an absence.
I was in several minds regarding the quilting, I thought about detailed quilting for each section, but felt drawn back to the original idea I had had - quilting by straight lines, the direction light travels in. I quilted in tones of grey and yellow to create the light and shadow.
I quilted and basted this piece the day before my trip, after my DD and I had packed and unpacked my suitcase 5 times!! I was already a bit tired, but there was no way I was going to miss the challenge deadline!

I went for charcoal and gold for my binding

And breathed a big sigh of contentment when it was complete. I was really lucky because I had exactly 10 minutes worth of daylight left outside to take a picture in.
I do invite you to see our other member's interpretations of this theme, over at our blog:


  1. It’s a stunning wee art piece. Love the way the shadows dance almost. I could live with this day after day. I would hang it where the light from outside hit it so it would change as the day wore on. Glenda

  2. It's an amazing piece Esther. Thank you for sharing your processes and hope the holiday was good!

  3. Beautiful!!! You are such a talented lady.

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  5. I love it. The straight lines definitely highlight the theme.
    I'm off to visit the other participants.


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