Saturday 10 September 2011

Come and See Me Today

I've got my black and white...still sorting out the little bit bright part.
I have 10 minutes before I leave, so I'm thinking fast!

If you can, do visit the Wyndham Quilt In,
it's going to be a great day!


  1. Thanks Esther for a wonderful display of your quilts. Enjoyed the day.

  2. Thank you Ester for coming to our Quilt In. We all enjoyed your talk and show and tell. What a talented women you are. We all had a great time, spent too much money at the shops and are now all excited by seeing your work.

    Karen s
    Hoppers Crossing

  3. It was a great day and those quilts truly show your utter dedication to your craft and the wonderful flow of your creativity. I so admire your work ethic which allows your artistry to shine and be shared. It was so joyful to watch that lovely display.
    Thank you also for pushing through your quite severe ill health and still coming. It is that extra mile effort that makes your work so special.
    Heaps of hugs.


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