Tuesday 12 April 2011

Love on Borrowed Time

Wow it’s only Tuesday and I have several days’ worth of work to get done today. I am preparing for my binding Workshop on Sunday at AQC however I am attempting (attempting?? will have to!) finalize everything today as I will be at AQC from tomorrow.

Isn’t it funny how just when you get stuck into your work, an exciting package arrives and distracts you?

 Windham Baltimore Album by Mary Koval

 Windham New Town Farm-
I will use this one as backing on my Civil War Bride Quilt (yes, I am still making it...slowly)

Yesterday I received some fabric which I had purchased for the back of my Hearts Desire BOM Quilt. I really love this quilt at the moment, and as I am making it, I can already see how splendid it’s going to be and am becoming very particular about every last detail! Obviously I am biased, but sometimes you just know when things are turning out great, so why not share it?

They are both suitable and both are Windham – I can’t believe how much Windham fabric I am using in this quilt, the color’s just ‘work’ for me.

I really like the scrappy look of New Town Farm…as I imagine that this is what quilts probably actually looked like many years ago, but my DDs have given it a very vocal thumbs down. This is OK, as I also fell for these lovely flowers above which will work beautifully on the back. I can’t wait until this quilt is finished…

Lovely stitch work and tension

But back to work for me now…I have fallen in love with my Borrowed Bernina, it’s so easy to get used to.

I have not allowed myself to peel off the protective plastic bits because then it would feel too much like I was keeping it.

It’s a really great machine and I don’t say that lightly because I am so fussy when it comes to sewing machines.

Pushed my other machine out of the way to make room for Bernina
Speaking of fussy, whenever I show my quilts people always ask me about my quilting and are often disappointed to learn that I domestic machine quilt. They want to know where they can get their own quilt quilted like that!

I DMQ partly because I love the process so much and am so involved in my designs that I want to finish them off myself ….naturally….but also partly because when you hand over your quilt to be long arm quilted, you are really investing a lot of trust in the person quilting it for you. And when you have invested as much time in your quilts as I do, imperfect quilting can ruin the whole quilt, and is difficult or impossible to fix. So I just do it myself. However, sometimes you see long arm quilting which is very beautiful and you realize that the right long arm quilting done well can actually improve your quilt top.

I was so happy to learn that Desley has finally joined us in blog land and set up her own blog Addicted To Quilts where she showcases her work. I have known Desley since I started quilting, about 8 years now, and we belong to the same quilting groups. I have always admired her beautiful long arm quilting and her dedication to detail. You know how I love details! I have always said that Desley is one long arm quilter I would trust with my quilts. Do drop by her blog and have a look over her work for yourself. It's stunning.

Basically, I spend so much on my hobby that I often don’t have a long arm quilting budget to work with at the end of it-  but who knows, if I ever got to the bottom of my WIPs, there’s no way I’d be able to quilt them all myself....so that's an incentive! But before tackling WIPs, there's today to get through...

Ok, back to work for me!


  1. Hi Esther, Best wishes for your binding workshop. Ahh distraction yes I have a lot of that. Glad to see I'm not the only one who starts when should be finishing. So many quilts so little time.Hope to see you at the show. Happy Stitching. Chris

  2. Hey forgot to say love the animal one just perfect.

  3. I just knew you'd want to keep it! I love my 440s

  4. I'm hoping that one day I can achieve on my Bernina 440 what you are achieving on your borrowed one! Am finally about ready to get started on getting my Hearts Desire - so pleased you ar happy with how it is turning out, that bodes well!!Have fun at AQC

  5. I loved your post....and enjoyed seeing your in your element!

  6. Thank you Esther for your kind words about my work. Coming from you it means a lot.

  7. Love your fabric :-)
    Nice quilting as well.


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