Wednesday 27 April 2011

Lavendar Wands for Spring

When I first posted about my bees and lavender shrub, most of you were in Winter, so I decided to re-post my lavender wands when you were entering spring. Early spring is the best time to make Lavender wands – and they are so easy, it’s likely to become a pluck and weave affair every time you pass your shrub.

Making them up when the lavender is new is best because the stems are so soft and flexible. If you look closely at my pics you will see that my stems have no flexibility left in them at all, they are basically forced into position – this is because there is no moisture left in them. Early Spring and Young Lavender is the best combination and easier to shape.

It’s so simple!

Collect a bunch of lavender.
Make your first attempt a small bunch.

Strip the leaves off the stem so that the stem is naked

Tie your ribbon just below the head of flowers, tightly.

Now, holding the lavender in your fist, close your fist and bend down the stems over the lavender flowers, so you are creating a ‘cage’

Now, simply weave over and under. Pull through your tied ribbon end and start weaving. You can weave over and under individual stems or group your stems and weave over and under lots of 2 or 3 stems. With the larger sized lavender wands, I just weaved stems as I liked.

When you reach the end of the flower cage, wind your ribbon down the stem and tightly knot and tie off. Use any width of ribbon you like, I like wide ribbon but its all down to preference. With the stripped stems and discarded bits, I collect them into organza bags for keeping amongst my linen.

Oh Spring!


  1. Thanks Esther for reminding me of this beautiful craft. I used to make them many years ago. There is still some lavender blooming in Sydney, especially at my mother's retirement village. Good craft for a fete!

  2. I also make lavender wands, but it is too early here in England, no lavender yet, only just starting to grow again, it will be a while before the flowers come.

  3. They are beautiful and I so love lavendar! Is this a hint of the color scheme for your next quilt...should I be raiding my stash in search of all purples and lavendars? Oooooo, I'm feeling a shopping trip coming Very beautiful work, Esther.

  4. Thanks Ester, the little video was great. Maybe later in the year if I have time. I have lavender plants outside the front door.

  5. Love the lavender wands. I make them every year when the lavender is in bloom. They make the house smell so nice. I also give them as gifts.
    Thank you for sharing...

  6. Esther, love making these. I try to make them every Summer/Spring. We have lovely lavender fields her in South Texas.
    Such a wonderfully forgotten craft that is perfect for those special clothes drawers and gifts.
    Thanks so much for sharing.


  7. Enjoyed the lavender tutorial. Alas, our harsh winter has taken a toll on my garden. I have two small lavender plants left, struggling to give me some joy.


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