Friday, 30 July 2010

Sketchbook Project

I first heard about the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project from Pam Holland's blog a few months ago. It sounds so interesting. The basic idea is that you submit a 'diary' or 'journal' based on set themes (which you select) or you create your own 'open' theme. You then send it in to a travelling 'library' that people visit. Inside the library, visitors 'check out' diaries (on location).

What a great idea...I have had so many journals, and it's always fascinating how flicking through pages can instantly transport your mind to 'that place'.

2 weeks ago I received my 'Moleskin Diary' from the Brooklyn Project. I am still a bit suprised at how slim this 'Moleskin' is. I have been using Moleskins for years and did think I would be receiving the normal type. You can see one of my old Moleskins (below) and the new Moleskin for the project resting on top. It is significantly thinner! I have done some etchings and the pages are very thin. I am thinking about how to get around this.

My Catergory is "Storybook' and I was planning to journal the story of Red Delicious. I also thought that if I didn't get around to finishing it (this is definitely likely!) in time, that I could use my 'Project Moleskin' as an extra journal (I always need more of those).

Now that it's arrived, I really couldnt use it for anything other than the Project as its size is no good to me.

So that's some motivation to get working.... and this is my cat making sure I'm using my new camera right...I was fiddling about and she's always where the action is...

Have you heard about this project? Are you taking part? What's your theme? Has anyone visited the travelling library in past years?

Would love to hear your thoughts...


  1. I'm doing it! My theme is Below the surface"

    I'm having trouble with the white pages! I have a black cover and I had no problem whatso ever playing with that - The white however is frightening the pants off me! I know what I want to do but I think I need to get rid of the white!


  2. Hi Ester,
    welcome to the Sketchbook Project. I choose Storybook as well. I have started my book but haven't shown anything on the blog.
    I am interested in your first sketches.

  3. Some people I know on an email group are taking part and have received their books.I understand the paper is very thin so some are bonding sheets together.
    It will be fascinating to see how differently everyone approaches the challenge.:o)

  4. Ester, I just love the sketchbook idea. If I only had more time! Though be sure that we will all be anxiously awaiting yours.

    Hugs to you.

  5. It looks like a fun project!

  6. i just sent mine in! i'm so excited..

    here's alink to my has my sketchbook..feel free to see it and comment..thanks.


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