Monday 24 May 2010

In The Pink Prowess!

Danni from Germany amazes me with her In The Pink prowess!!
Danni had to climb up on a table to be able to take this photo...thank you was worth the effort.

Look at this quilt, it's beautiful...and seeing ITP in such different colours is a real pleasure for me as well, because I can live through other quilters' colour pickings - what a treat.

Wow! some of you are really moving fast with this BOM, and why not? It's a great stash buster, and who doesnt need another bed quilt???

I'm so glad that I decided to make my own ITP ahead of launching the BOM as usually I like to make quilts step by step as I work through the pattern and I would have been put to shame with the speed some of you are working at!!

Well Danni, can't wait to see how you work the centre applique blocks....

How is everyone else going with ITP? Are you working it through month to month, or collecting the pattern to make at a later stage?


  1. Thank you Esther. (I have translate with google translator, i hope you understand me)
    I still have so many projects are here but your BOM is so much fun, that everything else had to wait. I am so looking forward to the centre of the quilt.
    I'd like to show my blog, you´re all invited...

  2. Wow Danni's is just gorgeous.At this stage I am just collecting the blocks.

  3. In The Pink is gorgeous! I am collecting the instructions, because I already have too much in the works. I really want to make this someday. You did a great job, Esther.

  4. Wow, Danni is moving fast! It looks gorgeous. I have got the instructions all ready to go, but haven't started sewing month 2's next on my list!

  5. That's amazing. So quick and so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing how Danni interprets your medallion design.

  6. I need to know about the cutting. In part 1 it says to cut strips length of fabric. Will it work alright if I cut WIDTH of fabric instead?? I am asking about the YP border fabric that is cut 6inches wide.
    Thank you.


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