Monday 22 February 2010

Mess means progress

Guess which end of the table is mine?? It's been a hot weekend - exactly the kind of weather which deflates all my good ideas....but I toiled on regardless, sketching designs in front of the air con. Yes, I'm finally getting there.

Having a whole sewing room to myself isn’t enough, I branch out into the kitchen too. Well, I want to be where the action is.
I begged my DH for a bigger dining table. Both my DD’s vehemently protested – they knew it would turn into a work space. And it has. This means I’m busy. The messy half is mine. The clean half is where my family has to squeeze in to eat meals.

When my DD’s are really annoyed with my creativity nests, they swoop the whole lot into empty washing baskets and put them back into my studio. But these creative spaces are necessary; you never know when certainty will strike!

Meanwhile, my cat cooled off in a box beneath the air con. It's a bit cooler today which is good luck because we are cake baking my DH's birthday cake - which is tomorrow. My DD's now have a tradition of baking a Meringue / Pavlova for my DH's birthday every year, and every year its a different recipe. Hopefully this year's will end up being the best.


  1. I do the same thing. My "creativity" spills over into whatever room has the best light, conversation, or, sometimes I'm just looking for a large, clear surface.

  2. Our post are almost the same today...we have the same thought!!!

  3. Hi Esther,

    Organised mess is good, but I have gone too far :)

    Hugs, Sharon

  4. I do this, too.! I work on projects throughout the house. Love the photo of your cat in the box.

  5. That makes me laugh a lot, because currently the room where I'm supposed to sew is fulled with piles of stuff my kids have dumped in there when the mess gets too much!! Now if only we could teach them to put it away for us...


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