Thursday 17 December 2009

Red Poinsettia

Some love christmas trees and pine needles, and while those things are all nice, nothing says Joy in December to me like a flowering red Poinsettia (although the white vaiety is also breathtaking).

Here is a pic of a young poinsettia plant

and here is a pic of the same plant after my cat has finished with it. I forgot to put it out over night (and my cat apparently prowls the house looking for foliage to chew on)

Sadly, all the major stems were destroyed

and this leaf even had a feline bite

Oh well, I guess I'm going to have to sew a poinsettia wall hanging or table runner or something impressively red so that I can enjoy this flower all year round.
Something else to add to the To Do List!


  1. Oh dear, Esther, you have my commiserations. Animals and Christmas sometimes just don't mix. Our puppy has destroyed all the Christmas decorations from the lower half of our Christmas tree!

  2. Your cat must be an exemplary hooligan!

  3. O what a pity!! Did you know that the juice of the poinsettia is poisenous? I didn't. I was told so when my daughter Victoria was a little girl ( 19 years ago) and since then I took "precautions". Never left my Poinsettias alone with our cats and her.

  4. My cats have done that to meny also.! It so annoying!


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