Wednesday 20 May 2009

Workshop at Home is Launched

The next best thing to a stencil workshop, is a stencil workshop at home.

I'm always being asked about workshops, and many of you have asked about the best way to start stenciling if you can't make it to a class.

Well, I've created 'Workshop at Home' : an instruction guide that you can download in PDF format (just like your blocks) and work from at home and at your own pace.

I simply love stenciling, it's a great technique and if you haven't yet given it a go, why not make today the day to start?

You can purchase Workshop at Home: Stenciling via my Etsy shop. As well as Workshop at Home, I will also be new creating stencil pattern projects so that you can use your new stenciling skills!

So now there's definitely no excuse...stencil brushes at the ready!


  1. Wow, I think a workshop at home is a great idea since we can't all be where your teaching, thanks, I'll go check it out. I have been wanting to pull out the fabric inks, maybe I could try them with your workshop.


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