Monday 9 March 2009

More from AQC

Inspiration is everywhere!

Teaching upstairs at AQC was especially fitting this year - as the the building has been restored with traditional stencil designs...and I had a wonderful time just looking up.

A stencilled building is my dream! So I really looked forward to arriving early each morning and taking a moment during setting up the class to just soak up and appreciate the art of the stencil - wall or quilt, stencils have played a big part in the beautiful and complex history of arts and crafts.

I just had to share some pics with you.

I can see a graceful, scrolling, traditionally based quilt design coming on, inspired by the edging and bannisters....

...or from this ceiling I can see a very simple but stylish yellow flower quilt...

I'm filled up with ideas. I love that this building can be such an evocative place.

You just feel like you should be doing something creative the minute you walk in.

I will definitely look up a lot more often now - no doubt I miss many beautiful features of building as I go about my day...and it takes a building like this to just remind me once again...yes, inspiration is everywhere...


  1. My husband thinks I am crazy because I am always looking around and saying, "oh wouldn't that be great in a quilt or applqiue." There is inspiration everywhere you look.

  2. PRETTY PLEASE design a stencil BOM!
    I know it would be fabulous!

  3. Hi Esther, I have enjoyed my browse through your blog immensely. Great work


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