Saturday 14 March 2009

Fanfare is launched

I've been so happy about Peony Pride's Paducah entry that I almost forgot it was (almost) the 15th!

I spent today clearing out my sewing studio (I've finally unpacked since my workshops at AQC)....and I feel re-energised (and organised) for lots of finishing off of waiting well as a few new ones too.

If you're taking part in Red Delicious, don't forget to join the BOM Yahoo Group and share some pics of your work - the photo section is already inspirational and frankly puts me to shame! I'm delighted that you're all making it so much your own.

Let's see how you all interpret this months block - I can't wait!


  1. Ester your statistics are astronomical..42,000 viewers!! Your next block looks like a bit of a challenge.. thanks

  2. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing again.


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