Wednesday 15 October 2008

Raiding the Stash

Here is my red stash. I've been raiding it and adding to it.

Originally I was going to go out and buy new season reds to keep up with trends....but then I got to thinking (as I was trying to clear out my studio) that we all have stashes and stashes and stashes....and that *maybe* I should resist fabric shopping and make do. Red Delicious will be made from my stash.

I WILL NOT BE ADDING TO THIS STASH. That is my commitment!

Here are all my reds in all their glory.

I must admit that there are some burgundy reds which I will need for some contrast.

So, are you going to join in and make Red Delicious?
Lots of red

and more red

And more red still ( I really dont need to keep adding to my stash!.....I will be allowing white (or maybe off white depending on the reds selected) as the background.


  1. WOW! I love all your reds!! I have wanted to make a black and white quilt with a few blocks of red. I've seen a few of those and they are always fun to look at. You could make a patriotic quilt.

  2. I wish I had 25% of those reds :) I just printed out the first BOM and will look for reds once everyone leaves Monday morning. Too many little pieces to have out with everyone coming and going. Looks like it's going to be great fun- thanks for all the work you put into it.


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