Tuesday 14 October 2008

Drum Roll Please!

I have an announcement to make
To celebrate 100 postings I will be sharing
my Mystery BOM, Red Delicious!
This mystery BOM will be available here for the next 10 (or maybe 11) months
Red Delicious is inspired by all the beautiful red things in life.
Red Delicious is approx. 55 x 65 inches and is a wall hanging.
Red Delicious is an applique & pieced BOM
If you have a red stash...now's the time to raid it!
So how does it work? Every month, a new block will be make available for free on my blog for a limited period of time. Get in quick and download this block.
After 2 weeks, the block will be removed from my blog. If you want to download it after this time, it will only be available through my Etsy shop for a minimal cost.
I can't wait to share this mystery BOM with you, and hope you'll join me in making Red Delicious, month by month. (Yes I will be posting my block progress up on this blog to share with you all out there).


  1. This is wonderful! I can't wait to se the first block for this quilt. Your work is outstanding!


  2. Hi Edna,

    Thank you for your kind comment!

    You and I have something in common - I am also a great starter....and as for finishing....well, I do pack my projects away very neatly, for a 'better time'

    I am so pleased and excited to be raiding my red stash ( I could use the shelf space). I'm getting the technical stuff sorted so anyone who wants to can very soon download the first BOM block.

  3. Thanks.. I wrote something about your new BOM at my weblog.

  4. estoyh today I heard this boom is not English but I helped with the translator so I follow the Quilt do not know if I lost another blog so that the first release that is where the birds are the cherry on the peak, and'm done selecting fabrics thanks saludoos


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