Monday, 11 August 2008

UFO goes back in its box

Well.... I started out with good intentions - found a UFO whilst tidying up my stash, decided to finish it to get it out of its box (and to have one less UFO to finish!)....but when I laid it out on the floor, my daughters hated it! So it got downgraded to a picnic quilt.....and now its been downgraded....right back into its box! Folded away for the next round of 'tidying up the stash'

What can I say? cleaning just brings out the inspiration in me and now I have 3 new quilt ideas that I'm furiously sketching and getting down, so I really dont have time for that UFO.

In the meantime, I did finish my blankets of love challenge and my daughter joined me and finished hers as well ('quality time' together....she stressed my sewing machine to its limit!) I'm amazed its still stitching as we went through quite a few needles..... anyway, 2 quilts in 2 says and off they were posted!

I'm not allowed to show any pics of them just yet- the rules wont let me until they have been judged. However after judging I will put them up.

I've been doing a lot of designing and sketching at the moment.... so I've been neglecting my emails and other computing stuff.... of well, sometimes creativity just gets in the way, but who's complaining?

I'M IN LOVE WITH RED, ITS MY FAV COLOUR AT THE MOMENT and thats all I'm revealing for now!

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