Friday 1 August 2008

I found a UFO

I've been putting my quilts back up on my walls now that they are home and I've had some time to recover from the Show. I was doing so well that I decided to clean up my studio which has been neglected of late, and suprise suprise, I found a UFO stash! Perfect! Just what I need to keep busy whilst thinking of my next project.....I have heaps of UFO's and I need some brainless work that I can throw over outside chairs, etc and not be too bothered about. This is what I'm playing with at the moment.

This is a Cheater's a baltimore album block and border (I bought 4 panels) just to get the blocks right and I just added two fabrics, green and beige to finish the top. I've never made a panel quilt before, to be honest, I dont know what I was thinking when I started it! But you can never have enough quilts (well, my family is always complaining that for a quilter, we dont have enough quilts (theyre always on show, or touring or somewhere....) so I'm commited to finishing this one. Although - my daughters hate it, they think its really ugly - so it may end up being the PICNIC QUILT!

I've decided that I have to finish some UFO's, its simple, but a good canvas to practice new quilting techniques on.... I have one 'real' baltimore in me, maybe in the next ten years.... I really love well made traditional Baltimore's and I've promised myself that I will do one before I retire from quilting (whenever that is!)

This is a large quilt, its 90 inches. Thats pretty big for a UFO.... it'll give me something to play around with next week as I mostly keep my weekends quilt free.

Yes, another excuse not to clear up my sewing area - it doesnt take much!

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  1. That would be one absolutely elegant picnic quilt. I like to think of them as "assisted" quilting, not "cheaters".


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