Sunday 10 February 2008

Website S-T-I-L-L Under Construction

February already!

It's been a few months since my last update - I've been too busy designing and sewing and quilting non stop.

This is a pic from my upcoming quilt Waltzing Pinks ... I'm still looking for a new domestic machine as mine is really tired from being overworked, but until it stops dead and refuses to stitch, I'll keep on.

I had several quilts on the go I just finished last week and am already working on a few more. Normally, mid year is my busiest quilting time, but this year I've been flat out early hopefully I'll have some spare time to fix my website soon.

Thank you for your emails commenting on my website...there's been some technical issues which I will get around to sorting out. In the mean time, feel free to contact me here!

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