Friday, 23 August 2019

Flash Sale Celebration! Love Entwined 50% Off

  This week my online Quilt Group 
passed the 10,000th member mark!  

Now it's time to celebrate with a huge pattern party: For the next few days, I'll pick one of my best selling patterns to go on sale at 50% off. 

I'll be selecting my most beloved, most requested and most in demand patterns to reduce, so be sure to check in daily to see which new pattern has been marked down. Sounds good, huh? 

I know there are many of you who have only just joined me in the last few years and you may not be aware of the incredible back catalog of patterns available for you to love and make yourself.

This is a strictly limited offer with limited sale amounts on each pattern, so if you love it, get in quick and buy it whilst it's heavily reduced! 

  Happy Quilting Everyone!   
Love Entwined: 1790 Marriage Coverlet
Finished Size: 96 x 96 inches

Complete DIGITAL Pattern

Original Price: $95 USD
Price Today: $47.50 USD 

What you need to know:

You are buying a DIGITAL pattern

Payment is securely completed via PayPal
You don't need a PayPal account to pay as PayPal also securely processes Credit Card payments

Pattern downloads are INSTANT and followed up with a live link to your email inbox. 
Check your email for the follow up email (and check your spam / junk folders if you can't see it)

The pattern will download to your computer directly

You REQUIRE an UPDATED PDF Reader in order to open and print the PDF Pattern

When you receive your download, be sure to SAVE it to your computer.
If you print it directly from the browser download screen, it will not be backed up to your computer. 


Wednesday, 21 August 2019

WOW: Fiddling for Fabric

  WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays  
Today I'm hunting down this green fabric - isn't it a beauty? It didn't do much for me when it was on the bolt, but once shaped, I love the graduation running through the pattern. It's called Midnight Garden by Jinny Beyer and it's from back in 2017. It also came in a lighter green and I'd love to snap some of that up too.
I've reached that stage of applique where I'm looking over my quilt top and picking out fabrics and swapping them for others. I like these leaves on my bright HOYH quilt and have decided that I need to replace the leaves in my first block (below) with this same green fabric. I think I might also want to use it in the tumbling rose borders if I can get enough.

As you can see in this pic below, the leaves behind the bird aren't visible enough, it definitely needs some of this darker print. Fingers crossed I will find what I'm looking for today so that I can make a start on that gorgeous rose border!
 What's Your WOW? 
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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Hold Onto Your Heart: Making Part 8

This month it's time to create the welcoming and abundant bowl of produce. This bowl is a platter of plenty; pineapples represent welcome, friendship and hospitality. The pomegranate has long been associated with success, marriage and birth and shows up in carvings and ornaments all over the world as a symbol of prosperity. The berries represent bounty and pleasure and the zinnia flowers represent endurance. Each fruit and bloom in this bowl is in it's own peak season, so lavish all your attention on making this scene as inviting as you can. For my gentle quilt, I opted for calm colours to blend into the existing pallette:
When I was considering my pineapple options, I was mindful that I wanted a fabric to replicate the skin without creating a double layered applique shape. It was on my mind that I might have to do this, or perhaps use paint to create that additional depth, however once I set eyes on this fabric I was in love with it and decided to keep things simple.
This is what my fussy cutting process looked like
As you can see, I numbered every last shape
And you can see what I mean here about painting in the extra shapes to create depth. When I say extra shape, I mean the overlapping piece on each layer. I really like the 'cap' over each piece and would have painted it slightly golden over a chosen fabric.. until I came across my chosen fabric and didn't have to. 
This is what the back of my pineapple looks like
and of course, the front
and my zinnia
For my full colour quilt top, I fussy cut my flower head
and used this gorgeous swirls fabric for my berries
my pineapple was made from a bright and bold print which best suits the mood of this quilt top
I can't wait to show you more and see what you've been up to also..
     ' Hold Onto Your Heart' is a paid BOM   
It's a breathtaking quilt full of meaningful symbols and beauty. The floral border is a triumph which offers an additional  pieced option - making it versatile for all skill levels. Perfect for lovers and enthusiasts of applique. 
  You can start this BOM today!   
Be sure to visit my Online Quilt Group on Facebook where progress images are being shown all the time. It's a massive inspiration and I warn you, it's addictive!

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

WOW: Preparing my Pineapples

 WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays 
Today I'm preparing my pineapple blog post to ready BOM 2019 members for the next installment of Hold Onto Your Heart. As you can see, I'm busily creating behind the scenes and quickly running through my supply stash.

I've almost used up all of my favourite applique glue and I'm thinking hard about where I can quickly buy some. A focused errand to just get that one thing. But I know me, and if I head out I'm sure to see someone I know.. or get sidetracked by some lovely new fabrics and before you know it, the afternoon will be gone.

So in the interest of getting on with my WIP, I'm going to scoop, dig out and preserve as much glue as possible in the hopes of completing this block before I set out.


 What's Your WOW?  
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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

WOW: Creating Community

   WOW = WIPs On Wednesday  
I've been blogging for over ten years and right now, my online Quilt Group is quickly approaching it's 10,000th member. It feels like a nice milestone. We only started up on Facebook in 2016 and this number seems staggering to me. I feel incredibly blessed that not only am I doing something that I love - but that I get to share the adventure with like minded people and form friendships along the way.

It still strikes me as almost impossible that there's a little community out there, from all over the world, creating my designs and sharing it's talent and inspiration with each other in such a friendly space. 

So today, as I start pottering about my studio for the first time in weeks since being struck with the dreaded flu, I'm thinking about this WOW: it's a real life work in progress I never expected or saw coming and yet, here we are.. and I am so grateful.

  What's Your WOW?  
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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

WOW: Influenza Break

  WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays  
I've got a bad case of influenza so today I'm doing absolutely nothing. Not a thing. Just rest, bone broth and plenty of fresh air. With a WIP pile resembling a mountain in my sewing room, I hope to be better real soon.

Until then, happy wipping everyone, I'm going back to bed..

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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Gorgeous Gracie

Good morning Saturday! I've woken up today with several emails asking after this gorgeous quilt Gracie. Apparently it's been shown somewhere which has spiked interest and I'm over the moon about it. Here's the pattern!

Gracie is one of those quilts that has so much going for it - it can be a sweet girly quilt, or a modern folk style quilt - all on the whim of the fabric you choose. I am head over heels with this design, all you have to decide is, which hue suits you?

Finished Size: 68 x 68 inches
Complete Digital pattern
$12.95 USD

Gracie is available as a digital pattern, in PDF format for easy home printing in A4. Once payment through Paypal has processed, your download is instantly sent to your email in-box. (Be sure to check your spam and junk folders if it doesn't arrive within 3 minutes.)
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