Wednesday, 16 October 2013

WOW: Lily Rose is Launched

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
Today I'm delighted to launch my latest pattern Lily Rose with my Yahoo BOM members. I spoke about 'Lily Rose' in this post a few weeks ago, about my inspirations and how the design developed. It's one of those quilts that just grows on you. I am in love with the patchwork-ness of it and I love that as a wall hanging, I'll be able to see my favourite scrappy fabrics on display all the time.
Lily Rose is a wall hanging and for the first time, I am offering this quilt in two sizes: the original size (which is 54 x 58") and a half size (which is 27 x29"). Both sizes will be available for free to members of my Yahoo BOM Group and I recommend the half size to experiences applique quilters only. The original size has been styled for beginners - the applique shapes are basic and just right developing your skills without being overwhelming. The full size pattern is suitable for beginners. If you are a beginner, select your applique style before starting and don't forget to view my applique tutorial on freezer paper turn edge applique here.

I was planning on releasing this quilt as a BOM over 3 months which would be a nice end to the year, but have decided instead to release the complete pattern at once. I just felt that there would be too much confusion in the group with 2x file sizes being released over 3 x months so the complete pattern will be available outright for 1 month.
I have so many quilts, and such a long Quilt To Do List that I decided I'd prefer a miniature style quilt (and I confess, I have a spot in mind for it already so this made my decision easier). Of course, at 27 x 29" the half size pattern is not a true quilt miniature, but I do think it is charming and I am going to really enjoy the challenge of making the pattern in half size.
You know how I was all undecided about fabrics and colours (sounds familiar?) I have settled on the colours listed in the pattern now. Of course, you will make it to your own style (and I was seriously considering a red and white version...and might yet sway back to that idea.....except I have so many lovely stash busting scraps that it would be a shame not to use them).
Apologies for the late posting this morning: I'm having technical issues!
What's Your WOW ?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Love Entwined: Part 5 is Launched

More lovely flowers!

The four hearts on each side of the vases have always stood out to me. You know, I've spent a lot of time considering the original quilt and, in balance with the circle hearts and polka dot cross of Part 3, I keep falling in love with the elemental repetition. I feel like our mystery quilter was repeating her herself on this quilt top, designing an idea and repeating it. After all, it is a marriage coverlet and I have allowed myself to assume that the maker was thinking about the elements of love in her own world and how they applied to her whilst she was dilligently sewing this beautiful work. A likely fireside scenario? Or overly romantic thinking? Who knows? We can only know about our quilter from what she left us as her legacy - the design.
Without these extra four hearts repeated around each vase, there would only be a circle of hearts on the east and west sides of the design; but alongside the vases, the four hearts are repeated twice in every corner of the square. That's 48 x hearts in total. Definitely a heartfelt design!
Yes! It's already been 5 months since we started this heirloom journey. Usually my blocks are only available for free for 1x month, however all the blocks including Block 5 are still up for free in my Yahoo BOM Group - I don't want anyone to miss out on starting this historic quilt.
This is where we are, quilt wise:
The vases are related diagonally.
OK, you know what to do with Flower Vase 2...
If you haven't started yet - don't worry, either have I! With one thing and another I'm just not ready, so don't be discouraged or hesitant to join 'late', we're all working at our own pace and you're welcome to join us any time.
‘Love Entwined 1790 Marriage Coverlet’ is a Free 18 Month Historic BOM
Each ‘block’ of the month is released monthly, on the 15th of each month. All ‘blocks’ are available for free during the month of their release. Any missed ‘blocks’ may be purchased.
All ‘blocks’ are available for download via my Yahoo BOM Group only

For those of you waiting on Lily Rose, it will be released tomorrow. I always release patterns and BOMs on the 15th of the month, but when a BOM is already running, additional BOMs are released the following day.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

WOW: Binding Tool Winners

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

'Ring of Roses'
I just found the pattern for my quilt pictured here last night, 'ring of roses', I can't deny, there are some advantages to clearing through my papers! This year I've been downsizing and sorting out my things - its an on and off thing, depending on my mood and other commitments. As we're now in October, I had expected to be neat and tidy by now...but I still have some way to go. It really must be done, but I'd rather spend my time quilting, so I've compromised by cataloguing my patterns and I've uncovered some suprises and forgotten jems along the way. Today I'm listing which patterns to draft up or leave in my sketches. It's quilting and tidying up at the same time...
Binding Tool Giveaway Winners!
WOW! I love giveaways and its obvious that many of you would like some help with your bindings. I'm only sorry that I can't send each and every one of you a binding tool. Thankfully, the random number generator has made the job of selecting the winners easy, otherwise I could have never chosen between you all. Here are the winners:
  1. Terri - Ossineke, MI 
  2. Karen - Quilts...etc. 
  3. Rebecca Stevens 
  4. Marjolein Koch van der Steen 
  5. Julie Cefalu 
For you lucky 5 winners, if you haven't already received an email from me, please email me by clicking here so I can send you out your Bound to Fit Tool. I will ship these out to you by the end of the week. For everyone else, if you would like to purchase a Bound to Fit tool, you can do so via Westalee Design's website. Click here to visit their site.

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Friday, 4 October 2013

A New Binding Tool Giveaway!

Update: 8th Oct, GIVEAWAY CLOSED!
Comments will no longer be counted
My 'Perfect Binding Everytime' Workshop is always a popular choice for quilters - and I know why; binding is an essential finish yet it's also one of those techniques that some quilters still have difficulty with. I love showing quilters the techniques and methods I personally use to achieve perfect binding every time and now I'm happy to share a new tool with you that makes binding even easier than ever before.
Westalee Design sent me their new Bound To Fit ruler to try for myself. I consider myself a traditionalist, but I'm always looking for new ways to improve my techniques. I'm actually downsizing at the moment, so I'm really fussy about what I add to my tool kit, but as soon as I tried this tool I knew I'd have to share it with all of you. I've added a video from Westalee demonstarting how to use the Bound To Fit Ruler at the bottom of this post.
I think it's an excellent tool for every quilter and highly recommend it.
I am giving away 5x Bound To Fit rulers!
Simply leave a single comment on this post to enter.
Anyone can enter. I will send the ruler anywhere in the world.
I will select winners using the Random Number Generator.
Winners will be announced next Wednesday.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

WOW: Chintz Distraction

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays
I was completely lost in this book all day yesterday. I'm officially going through a chintz phase now. There's always room for one more book...or two, even when you're attempting to downsize (as I am supposed to be). But when I saw Chintz Quilts over on Sally's (feather on a wire) blog I knew I'd get a lot from it. On Friday I was busy preparing for a weekend workshop, but found a few hours to drop in on Quilts In The Barn. Luckily I had an opportunity to buy this book in person and not pay extra for shipping.
And whilst I was there I had to buy some chintz fabric too. I did decide that I wouldn't buy any new fabric except for specific quilt projects and in limited amounts- but chintz is my new exception. Now, I am stash busting most of the time, so I didn't buy much, but I am in love with what I did bring home.
The best thing about collecting chintz fabric and reading about chintz fabric is how inspirational it is, I can already feel the urge to design a new quilt. But first I'll have to get some WIPs finished. It's really getting ridiculous, all my WIPs. I'm too busy to finish anything but seem to find the energy to start completely new things. Or not...I still haven't started Love Entwined!

Friday, 27 September 2013

The Beauty of Broderie Perse

Love Entwined has really inspired so many of you to try your hand at broderie perse and I am thrilled with how wonderful it's looking. With the release of Part 4 (the first vase and flower corner) I knew some originality would shine through and wow, I've been taken aback by how intensely you're all making Love Entwined your very own, which of course, it is.
I'm sure that the original coverlet maker was an extraordinary woman; a woman who created according to her own fashion, so its so nice to see that very same influence affecting so many of you.
When I designed the flowers for all 4 vases, I thought a lot about 'chintz style' and created the pattern so that using one style (the pattern) or using broderie perse or incorporating both was possible. I'm really delighted to see how beautiful the pattern looks worked up in applique and how good it looks when mixed in with broderie perse. Personally, I'm conflicted. I adore the pattern (obviously I'm somewhat biased!) and feel inclined to go with the flowers on the pattern.
On the other hand, I feel some broderie perse calling out to I might do a mix. I'll know for sure when I reach that stage and have decided that I will do what feels most authentic for me at that point; and this will also determine whether I applique my stems or embroider them as it appears the original is embroidered and thin.
What I know for sure is, the quilt calls for fussiness. It wants to be embellished and I am going to comply with it's wishes. There is plenty of room on the quilt for little embellishments and personalisation.
I couldn't help myself, I purchased a layercake of fabrics and have found some real beauties to use for fussy cutting and potentially broderie perse. That's the only extra I have purchased, otherwise I've been digging out fabrics from my stash to look for little pieces to use when it suits. When I look at the quilt top as a whole, I will place these little applique pieces wheresoever there is (what I refer to as) a fussy spot in need of some attention.

This rose fabric is an old fabric from my stash, I've had it for years
I knew it could come in handy at some point....
What about you?
Has Love Entwined had you looking over your fabrics for charming
prints to use in this precious heirloom?

‘Love Entwined 1790 Marriage Coverlet’ is a Free 18 Month Historic BOM
Each ‘block’ of the month is released monthly, on the 15th of each month. All ‘blocks’ are available for free during the month of their release. Any missed ‘blocks’ may be purchased.
All ‘blocks’ are available for download via my Yahoo BOM Group only

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

WOW: Technology Time Out

WOW = WIPs On Wednesdays

This week I am undergoing a major technology overhaul and update; not something I am enjoying. So many files, so much software, so many access user names and passwords. I really wonder how I acquired so much technology 'stuff'. I don't even like computers, and yet I find that I am on the computer more than ever, reading blogs more than ever, watching programs more than ever and even (although I still prefer hard copies) reading magazines more than I ever expected.

What about you?

When I think of the time and cost of all this technology, I really wonder how it got so serious without me noticing. It's moved into my life and I cant now see a time when it won't be there, demanding attention.

I try to keep a balance by having a no screen rule during the weekends, but often find myself looking up something quickly or getting directions. I wonder what would happen if there were no computers for 24 hours. Bliss or chaos?
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